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Rants, raves, and opinions: everyday carry gear and related tools overviewed. Plus, more pictures than can fit on my Instagram account!


We all remember that first Swiss Army knife, and no doubt you own a mess of knives. If you don’t, then stick around.


About as addicting as cupcakes and pocketknives, watches are a whole world unto themselves. Learn some of the basics here.


From multi-tools and pry-bars to axes and power drills, having gear to get stuff done is important.

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Urban, Suburban & Wilderness Preparedness

From an early age, I’ve been obsessed with pocket knives, flashlights, tools, pens, and watches. Back then, I didn’t know there was a term for always carrying a pocketknife and pen around, it’s just something I’ve always done. I’m not preparing for the apocalypse (necessarily), but definitely a flat tire, emergency situations, and self-reliance.

Everyday Carry

You would be hard pressed to find me without a pen, flashlight, and at least a pocketknife, and the same should go for you! However, not all gear is created equal… Let’s take a look.


This is where it all started. A Victorinox Classic in my Christmas stocking and it was all over. I also remember cutting myself with it. For the record, two knives are better than one.


I’m not a watch snob, give me a nice quartz and I could die a happy man. Dress watches, field watches, divers, I like’em all. That being said, I can’t stop buying them.

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Created as an extension of several social media accounts, Tech Writer EDC is an overview of what I think are the best gadgets and gear for people who want to save time, get honest advice, and lessen the aggravation of figuring out what to buy. (I also just wanted a spot to post more pictures!)

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