EDC Flatlay With The Bronze Sea Star

Aquatico Watch Reviews

The start of this #flatlay is none other than the Aquatico Bronze Sea Star. I’ve had this watch for several weeks and it is truly outstanding. Your looking at a full load out of my daily EDC gear. Not all of it goes in the pocket, so have no fear! My Knipex makes another appearance, I have found these invaluable to keep close at hand. Also, I just received a new Patriot Edition of the fantastic Armour Supply minimalist wallet.

You’ll notice some of my Instagram pics are laid out all neat and tidy. This has been coined “flat lay” and there are several hashtags that go along with it. I try to label mine #techwriteredc and of course use the #flatlaysatueday, #flatlaystyle and #flatlaynation. The #edcflatlay is starting to get more and more folks using it.

Gear In This Picture:

  • Bronze Sea Star
  • Jibbon key organizer
  • Armour Supply Wallett
  • Boker Mini Foxed Blade
  • Retro51 Pen
  • Bevy Tec Bottle Opener
  • Knipex Pilers
  • Alox Cadet
  • Lumintop Pic Light
  • Benchmade Griptillian
  • Buck 110
  • Para Cord
  • Torx Bits
  • Paracord
  • Niteize Clips
  • Victorinox Rambler
  • Nail Punch