Flatlay Breakdown

EDC Breakdown

In this pic, I have the new Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Watch! Already one of my absolute favorites, now in a slightly smaller version. The new ones are 42mm and have more standard 22mm lugs. The previous version were 44mm with 24mm lugs. It looked giant on my wrist, but I was in love with it and still wore it all the time. What’s so special, you ask? It’s a legit diver in quartz. The steel bezel is amazing and the whole thing is just awesome. If you’re looking for a nice diver that can handle abuse, buy this. Time Concepts, who makes the HLA Diver, also has come out with a great line of quick-release straps. They are much tougher than some of the wimpy silicone ones out there now. Remember, I am a quartz watch guy. It’s always my first choice. How cool is it to put a watch down and pick it up three days or weeks later and have it still tell the correct time? You watch snobs don’t know what your missing!

  • Watch: HLA 42MM Quartz Diver
  • Folder: Benchmade Bailout
  • SAK: Alox Pioneer X
  • Flashlight: Microstream
  • Pliers: Knipex 5″
  • Folder: Spyderco Dragonfly
  • Utility Blade: Gerber EAB
  • Pen: Retro51 Stealth
  • Strap: Clockwork Synergy Nato
  • Prybar: Mini Kershaw