New Watch Alert: Seiko SRPC93 Save The Ocean

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A New Addition To My Seiko Diver Collection

I’ve had my eye on this Samurai for a while. I have a Seiko Samurai I bought a few years ago, but I cheeped out and bought it on the rubber strap rather than the bracelet…well you know that chicken comes home to roost someday. Since then, I have done a complete 180 on steel bracelets and love them now. That wasn’t always the case and I’ve been known to actually throw out a watch bracelet because I though they were for old men. Well, my attitude has changed.

I picked up a Strap Code Hex Head bracelet for my Samurai and instantly fell further in love with it. I had just started wearing my Samurai on a Ritche quick release silicone strap as my “daily driver” and the new bracelet got me thinking….it would be nice to have another Samurai that lived on a bracelet and one that lived on a strap. I know, crazy, but it’s the reason I have so many similar watches or outright duplicates. I hate putting a bracelet on and off…

So, this guy showed up…on a factory bracelet…and now I am not sure who is going to be a bracelet only Seiko. For now, the Save The Ocean is on some silicone and I am loving it!

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