For whatever reason, #flatlayedc pictures are cool! I love the layout, and if you’ve ever tried to make a good one, you know that it’s more difficult than just lining up a few pocket knives. Along with that, people on Instagram do pay attention to your gear choices (I know this because every time I post a pic with a nail set, somebody goes nuts.) Truth is, these little guys are handy for a variety of tasks from scraping and prying to making holes and carving. After all, why would I want to pry a deep staple from a pallet with a $150 knife?

  • Watch: Szanto Vintage Diver
  • Folder: Spyderco Lil’Native
  • SAK: Alox Pioneer X
  • Flashlight: Olight
  • Pen: P701 & F701 from Zebra
  • Fixed Blade: Boker Little Magnum
  • Folder: Spyderco Endela
  • Multitool: Gerber