Acebeam Pokelit Flashlight Review

When it comes to picking the right flashlight for your EDC needs, there is a lot to consider. From battery type and size to functions and light output, there is a lot that goes into picking the right light for your needs. But today we are going to focus on just one light: the Acebeam Pokelit. Recently released by Aceabeam, the Pokelit is a versatile and powerful flashlight that is perfect for everyday carry.

This edc flashlight is a great option for a number of reasons. First, it’s lightweight and pocket-friendly. Second, the tailcap switch offers three levels of brightness with just a click. And third, it has multiple battery options, from alkaline to rechargeable, so you won’t be stuck without a power source.

After pocketknife testing I think my next favorite items to review are flashlights, so I was looking forward to seeing what the Pokelit could do. To me, a flashlight is a must-have in your EDC setup and it’s an item you never know when you are going to need.

Flashlights are a surprisingly competitive niche and there is a glut of flashlights on the market. Picking through and finding the good ones can be a real challenge. Specifications and sizes may seem similar on paper, but in the hand, many flashlights are disappointing. I was able to test out Acebeam Rider X several months ago so I knew the company puts out a very high caliber flashlight. My expectations for the Pokelit were high.

Initial Impressions of the Acebeam Pokelit

The first thing that struck me about the Pokelit was its size. At just under 3.5” long and weighing in at 1.9 ounces with a battery, this flashlight is incredibly light and pocket-friendly. The anodized aluminum body feels durable and the finishing on the light is excellent. All around, the construction and machining are top notch. You can tell the quality of the machining on a flashlight by how easy and well the cap screws onto the body. It’s a sign of accuracy and precision in the manufacturing process when you have a smooth and tight fit.

In terms of output, the Pokelit offers three levels of brightness ranging from 5 to 550 lumens. The highest setting is plenty bright for most everyday tasks and the lower settings are perfect for reading or working in dark spaces. I also like that there’s a momentary-on function for quick bursts of light.

I am particular when it comes to flashlights and pay close attention to the clip, the switch, and the beam spread. I personally like the momentary-on switches where you can turn on the light with a little pressure, but not fully commit the light to be in a constant-on state. 

Why You Should Always Include a Flashlight in Your Everyday Carry

The pocket clip is good and actually usable. The clip has a reverse loop on the end which can be used to put on a ball cap or other surface and face the light outward or away from you (similar to a headlamp).

Battery and Power

The Pokelit comes with a 920 mAh rechargeable battery with a USB C charging port. In addition to the lithium battery the light will run using standard AA alkaline batteries, a feature I appreciate. I don’t mind the rechargeable batteries, but I want to be able to swap batteries when out in the field or grab replacements at a gas station in an emergency or for backup.

Acebeam states the flashlight will run at full power for over one hour. In my testing this seems about right; I actually timed the light for 64 minutes before it went out (using the included battery). On the Acebeam Amazon page it says at the lowest setting the light will last for 9 days. I did not test that myself, but you can tell from the overall product and details that it’s probably true.

The Pokelit uses a Nichia 219F LED and it puts out a pretty balanced white color beam. In my use, it didn’t wash out objects as much as some other LED lights do and everything under the beam showed more true to color. The LED in the Pokelit has a CR rating of 90 (a measurement of how accurately the LED will display an object’s natural color). The max score is 100, so the Pokelit is right up there. 

Using The Acebeam Pokelit

I have had the Pokelit for about 4 weeks and added it to my daily rotation. I also used it when I went running several times in the early pre-dawn hours. Overall, Acebeam did a nice job on a robust, compact flashlight. It operates as it should and is definitely well built. From the clip to the LED, it is a nicely done light. I like the easy to use tailcap switch. It has a solid, tactile feel and it’s easy to cycle through the light modes. It doesn’t take any unnecessary force to push the tailcap all the way to the constant on position and it has a solid “click” when turned on. Several other lights I have tested have a “mushy” feel to their tailcap switch.

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On the durability front, I think this is a solid light. I did toss it several times down the driveway and one time it fell off the top of the ladder striking the concrete directly on the front end. The light was none the worse for wear. I rolled it off the workbench a few times also to see if it could handle normal, daily grind situations. The light was fine. On the Acebeam Amazon listing they have a video of a car running over the light. Based on my personal use, I think it’s fair to say the light would hold up to that just fine.


The most important point of any review: is the Pokelit worth the money? Today, the answer is yes. At the time of publishing this review, the Acebeam Pokelit was under $30 and that’s more than a fair price. A few months ago I rounded up what I think are the best EDC flashlights under $20, and while the Pokelit is not under $20, this guy is a real value contender.  I think it’s definitely worth the few extra dollars to upgrade to the Acebeam

Final Thoughts

The Acebeam Pokelit flashlight is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile EDC light. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but still packs a powerful punch. With multiple brightness settings and battery options, the Pokelit is perfect for any situation. Whether you’re looking for a light to take on your next camping trip or just need a trusty EDC light for everyday tasks, the Pokelit is a great option.

Additional Pictures of the Acebeam Pokelit

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