Casio G-Shock DW-5600E Review

Today we’re looking at the G-Shock DW-5600E. It’s a very nostalgic watch, about the closest thing you can get to the original DW-5000C, which was the very first G-Shock. It’s also one of the simplest and most budget-friendly entries into the extensive G-Shock line, which has ballooned to span hundreds of different models.

Spyderco Tenacious Review

The Tenacious is what you might call an entry-level Spyderco knife. You can get one just about anywhere—heck, even Wal-Mart has them—and for some knife aficionados, getting a Tenacious is the first step in a lifelong obsession with Spyderco knives.

Top 10 Best Trout Streams in the Eastern U.S.

In rivers and streams all over the Eastern United States, trout get moving some time between late winter and early spring. In New England, fly fishermen eagerly await the dates that traditionally mark the beginning of the season—April 1 in New York, April 10 in Vermont—while in states farther south like Tennessee and Virginia, the season for trout fishing never really closes.

How To Prep For Natural Diasters

There are many types of disasters and they affect the areas where we live differently. Some dangers will last for a long period of time while others will be shorter but leave behind additional hazards.