Best Portable Power Stations | I Highlight 15 Of The Best Power Stations Right Now

Several months ago, I did a head-to-head review of two of the best 500w portable power stations out there, the Jackery and Blackfire. Since then, the market has been flooded with an outrageous amount of portable power stations in varying sizes and watts. It’s very difficult to decipher the differences among manufacturers and make an apples-to-apples comparison. This is because each company tries to outdo the other with the type or number of outlets, inputs, gauges, connections, batter size, amps, etc. 

What prompted me to do this round-up is, I was searching for a smaller power station for a backpacking trip, a 500w was too big, but I needed something more than just a cell phone backup charger. So, my ultimate buying guide for The Best Portable Power Stations was born!

The following list I based on my personal adventure in researching and trying to find the best power station for the best price. I started with over 35 power stations and narrowed it down from there based on YouTube videos, product reviews, personal experience, hands-on use, and ratings. Then I narrowed down the list again to the best four or five at the major watt sizes: 200, 300, and 500. It was more of a challenge than I thought it would be; there are just so many models on Amazon and the internet now; it’s insane.

How Did I Pick These?

To make the list, you had to have a 4.5 Star rating on Amazon, an easily researched company that wasn’t just a copycat, and YouTube reviews that aligned with my own personal experience. Meaning not just a paid influencer but a real impartial reviewer.

In A Rush A Just Want To Know The Best Ones:

200 Watt: Goal Zero Yeti 200X ‎22070

300 Watt: NEXPOW ‎YP-300W

500 Watt: Blackfire PAC505

My 200-Watt Portable Power Stations Picks:

A 200-watt power station is an excellent companion for camping trips, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. It can power small appliances such as portable fans, lights, and small portable coolers. It’s also perfect for charging electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and GPS units.

FlashFish 200W Portable Power Station

Review: The FlashFish 200W Portable Power Station serves as a durable and reliable power source for all your outdoor adventures. With a solid 200W output, it successfully powers a variety of devices, making it a useful companion on camping trips or in emergency situations. Its rugged design can withstand harsh conditions, while the multiple charging outlets provide versatility in connecting different gadgets. Additionally, built-in safety features enhance its performance by preventing overcharging and overheating.


  • Robust and rugged design enhances durability, making it ideal for outdoor usage.
  • 200W power output provides a reliable source for multiple small devices.
  • Multiple charging outlets add versatility to its use.
  • The built-in safety features, such as overheat and overcharge protection, increase reliability.


  • The size and weight can be a bit more compared to other 200W power stations, impacting portability.
  • It lacks a solar charging option, which can limit its usage in prolonged outdoor situations.
  • The capacity might not be sufficient for larger, power-demanding appliances.

MARBERO 200W Portable Power Station M822

MARBERO 200W Portable Power Station 148Wh Camping Solar Generator Laptop Power Bank with AC Outlet 110V, DC, USB QC3.0, LED Flashlights for CPAP Home Outdoor Trip Emergency Backup
  • 🆙UPGRADED PORTABLE POWER: As from the last upgrading, this portable power station of MARBERO is called M822 which is another same outfit design as the MARBERO M82. This brand new battery generator has an even more powerful capacity of 146Wh(equiv. 40,000mAh/3.7V) and much more power output of 200W, which can support more usage situations and more appliances with a convenient small size(7.5*5.3*3.6 in, 3.3 lbs) but a more powerful inside.
  • 🔋MORE CAPACITY MORE POWER: This power supply is built-in a 110V AC inverter of 200W, 270W MAX, for a wider using purpose, which can support most of the AC needed appliances in your home, instead of the heating machines which are more than 270W power consumption. PASSING-THROUGH-CHARGING IS AVAILABLE.
  • 🔌MULTI-OUTPUTS: This portable power bank is equipped with 2*USB A QC3.0 ports(5V2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W), 2* USB A ports(5V/2.1A, 15W Max), 1*PD USB Type C port(5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W PD), 1*DC 5.5mm port and 2*AC wall socket(200W with 270W peak, including 2 prong and 3 prong outlets) which can charge your smart phone, iPad, tablets, camera, CPAP, switch, steam deck, XBox, radio, USB-powered night light, fan, TV and camping devices under 200W and many other devices and appliances.
  • 💡LED CAMPING LANTERN: There are 2 LED flashlights as camping lantern, first one is on top of the device and the other one is on the side. The first one is built-in with 2 brightness levels, while the other one has 3 brightness levels and 3 lighting modes(steady, twinkling and SOS). Press the LED flashlight button to switch the brightness and SOS modes. When you go out camping or experience power outages, this function may help you out perfectly.
  • ⚡3 RECHAGRGING WAYS: There are three methods to recharge this power station. You can charge it by wall outlet, fully recharged in 7hrs, or by car adapter(12V), fully recharged in 9hrs. Or it can be recharged under sun power as a solar generator with a solar panel(16.4V-24V/1.5A Max)(not included, could be purchased in our store).

Compact and lightweight, the MARBERO M822 earns its place by offering a reliable power supply while maintaining excellent portability.

Review: The MARBERO M822 is a lightweight and compact power station with a rated output of 200W. The device is designed for mobility, perfect for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has a variety of power outlets that allow for simultaneous charging of different devices.


  • Compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable.
  • Multiple charging outlets for versatility.
  • Has a built-in LED light, making it useful during emergencies or camping.


  • With 200W, it might struggle with powering larger appliances.
  • The lack of a screen can make it difficult to gauge remaining power accurately.

SinKeu Portable Power Bank G200

SinKeu 200W Portable Power Station with AC Outlet, 155Wh Power Station with Fast Wireless Charger, 42000mAh Power Bank, DC, USB QC3.0, LED Flashlights Backup for Outdoor Camping Home Emergency
  • Versatile Big Capacity Power Station : With a 42000mAh lithium-ion battery pack, this portable power station is not only powerful enough to provide power to most small appliances under 200w for home use during power outages, but also a backup battery at the campsite; it can even double as a flashlight for emergency
  • 7 Outputs Cover All Your Needs: This portable charger can charge up to 7 small devices at once. 1x 110V/200W AC socket for laptop, camera,fan, light, etc; 2x USB-A ports(total 5V/3.1A),1x Type C port(5V/3A, 9V/2A), 1x 10w wireless fast charger for phone, iPad and wireless earbuds; 2x DC outputs(9-12.6V/10A Max) for car vacuum and car refrigerator
  • Super Safe & Reliable Power Supply: The battery management system features multiple safe-charging designs to provide short circuit, overcharging, and overload protection, plus fireproof enclosure and built-in smart and silent cooling fan will automatically turn on to avoid overheating when charging, ensuring the safety of you and your devices and prolonging battery life
  • 4 Ways to Recharge: This portable battery power Station can be recharged by wall AC socket, solar panel(not included), car cigarette lighter port and other generators. With an easy-carry handle, it’s just 3.7 lbs weight and designed with a handle for portable carry, the Flashlight with steady light, strobe, SOS modes, provides convenience for your outdoor emergency
  • What You Get: You will receive 1x 155Wh wireless power Station, 1x AC power adapter, 1x car charging cable, 1x carport cable, 1x User Manual, 1x 12 months warranty, 7*24 hrs prompt and friendly customer service. This portable power station with AC outlet is also suitable for camping, fishing, traveling or other outdoor activities. It is a practical present to your families and friends

High capacity and sleek design make the SinKeu G200 a standout.

Review: The SinKeu G200 Portable Power Bank stands out with its sleek design and high capacity. Its ability to power a wide array of devices simultaneously makes it ideal for road trips, camping, and power outages. Moreover, it supports quick charging which is a significant advantage.


  • Sleek design and durable build.
  • High capacity can charge numerous devices multiple times.
  • Supports quick charging, reducing overall charging time.


  • The high capacity makes it heavier than its counterparts.
  • May not support high wattage devices.

Flashfish 200w Power Station GA150

Flashfish Portable Power Station 200W Peak Solar Generator 166Wh Camping CPAP Battery Backup Power Battery Pack With 2 110V AC Outlets 2 DC Ports 3 USB Ports For Home CPAP Camping Blackout
  • Wide Application: Our 166Wh portable generator is provided with three outputs: two 110V AC outlets charge CPAP machine/tablet/laptop/ camera/drone/ fan etc, three USB ports (2 of them are quick charge ports) help for smart phone/ ipad/GPS and any electronic devices, and two DC ports can be used for vehicle tools like car cleaning and type replacement; Suitable for travel camping, fishing, outdoor activities, medical care and any emergency situations.
  • Specific Features: With 45000mAh capacity, pure sine wave, 150W AC continuous power and 200W AC peak power, this power supply pack is able to more stably charge a number of devices for many times; Compact and lightweight design (only 4.5lb) make it more convenient taken outside.
  • 3 Ways to Recharge: There are 3 options for you to recharge the large-capacity power bank: the wall outlet, solar panel (not included in package) and 12V car socket. And their accessories like power adapter, cigarette lighter adapter and car charger are all included in the package.KINDLY NOTE THAT THE POWER STATION CAN NOT BE CHARGE AND USE AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Safety Performance: This power station is provided with overheat protection, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, lock-on protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection which prevent your devices from damaging and make you use it at ease.
  • Portable Power Source: Simple to use, there is a power button on the middle to turn on the generator, so you won’t be pulling any ripcords to turn on it; it will allow you to camp and recharge power without running a noisy, super cool product for your outdoor camping and travel.

It’s reliability and robust 200W output capability make it a practical choice for those needing power in demanding outdoor conditions.

Review: Flashfish GA150 power station is a practical and robust device with a 200W output. It is known for its durability and rugged design. The power station’s built-in safety features such as overheating and overcharge protection, enhance its reliability.


  • Durable and rugged design suited for outdoor usage.
  • Built-in safety features add reliability.
  • Decent number of output ports for multiple devices.


  • Slightly larger and heavier compared to other 200W power stations.
  • The absence of a solar charging feature may limit its usefulness in certain scenarios.

Goal Zero Yeti 200X ‎22070

Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station – Yeti 200X w/ 187 Watt Hours Battery Capacity, USB Ports & AC Inverter – Solar Generator for Camping, Travel, Outdoor
  • Power. Anything. Anywhere. Our lightest station delivers 187 Watt Hours in a compact, ultra-portable design. Perfect for keeping your essentials charged from door to destination and back again; includes 1 power station, 1 wall charger, and 1 user guide
  • 7 Versatile Ports, 187 Wh Capacity: Power phones, tablets, lights and more with the Yeti 200X, which keeps devices running efficiently with a variety of USB ports and a pure sine 120 W (200 W surge) AC inverter
  • Durable Construction, Safe Electric & Solar Power: With a heavy-duty anodized aluminum enclosure and tier 1 lithium battery cell, this electric power station will provide reliable, safe power for years to come — with super quiet operation and no gas or toxic fumes
  • Recharge with Solar & Unlock Indefinite Power: Turn your Yeti 200X into a solar generator when you combine it with a Goal Zero solar panel; our power stations feature a MPPT charge controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which increases solar input by up to 30 percent
  • This Is Goal Zero: Inspired by passion for adventure, respect for the planet, and a humanitarian heart, we’re presenting a new way forward in portable power use, as well as ensuring all communities have the necessary resources to reach their full potential

The inclusion of an informative LCD screen and the reputation of a trusted brand solidify its position on our best-of list.

Review: The Goal Zero Yeti 200X is a portable power station known for its quality and reliable performance. Its compact design does not compromise the power output, delivering a robust 200W output. Additionally, it features an informative LCD screen providing real-time usage data.


  • Compact and sturdy design.
  • Informative LCD screen helps monitor usage and battery life.
  • High-quality build and performance from a reputable brand.


  • Higher price tag compared to similar capacity models.
  • Limited number of charging ports compared to other models.
  • The weight can be a bit heavier for some users despite its compact size.

My 300 Watt Power Station Pics:

In case of power outages due to storms or other unforeseen circumstances, a 300-watt power station can be used as an emergency backup power source for important devices like smartphones, radios, and even medical equipment like CPAP machines.

NEXPOW Portable Power Station ‎YP-300W

The NEXPOW made our list due to its commendable 300W peak output combined with multi-outlet charging versatility, accommodating a wide range of devices.

Review: The NEXPOW YP-300W power station is a commendable device for providing reliable and continuous power during outdoor activities and emergencies. It boasts a 300W peak output, which is fairly adequate for powering small appliances and devices. With its numerous outlets including AC, DC, USB, and car ports, this station serves as a universal charging hub for a variety of electronic gadgets.


  • Multiple power outlets cater to different device types.
  • Solar power compatibility makes it eco-friendly and perfect for outdoor usage.
  • 300W peak output can power several small appliances at once.


  • A bit bulky compared to others on the market.
  • It may not support larger power-hungry appliances.
  • The charging time via solar power can be slow, depending on sunlight exposure.

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station R-PS300

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station, 280wh (78000mAh) Solar Generator with 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, USB-C PD Input/Output, QC 3.0, CPAP Backup Lithium Battery for Outdoor Camping Emergency
  • POWERFUL PORTABLE POWER STATION: The latest ROCKPALS 300 is equipped with 280wh (10.8V/26Ah) lithium-ion battery pack, has enough power to charge iphone 12(5.4 inch) about 28-29 charges, iPad Mini about 14 charges, 12” MacBook (41.4wh) about 5-6 charges, Mini car refrigerator (40W) about 5-6 hrs, Gopro (5.9wh) about 40 charges or other small home appliances. This portable battery can meet all your needs in outdoor camping, power outages and other emergency situations (especially hurricane)
  • MULTI FUNCTION OUTPUTS FOR CHOICE: Rockpals 300w portable power station features 1*pure since wave 110V AC outlets(300w rated, 500w peak); 1*car port(12V/10A, 120W max), use DC converter(sold separately) to power your CPAP for better effect; 2*dc port(12V/5A, 60W max), 2*USB 3.1A, 1*QC charge 3.0 USB and 1*USB-C PD output (20V/1.5A, 30W max) can charge your small digital devices effectively
  • FAST CHARGING: Quick charge USB 3.0 and 30W USB-C PD output for 40% faster charge, the Rockpower 300 power station for camping can meet the power supply for all your PD devices, from smartphones to laptops, at top speed – revive your MacBook Pro in only 3-4 hours
  • EFFICIENT RECHARGING METHODS: 1)Built-in professional MPPT technology, the portable solar generator provides faster solar recharge rates for ROCKPALS 100W solar panel (sold separately) about 4.5-6.5 hrs; 2)Recharge from an AC wall outlet about 4.5-5.5 hrs; 3)It also can be full charged from a USB-C 30W PD input by wall outlet. 4)The portable generator can be charged from a carport about 6-7 hours while on-the-road/off-road. (Support pass through for DC and USB not for AC)
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Backup battery power supply use battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, extend battery life through short protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, and overheating protection; With PURE SINE WAVE function charge your devices more stable and safety without damage and reduces audible and electrical noise

Review: The ROCKPALS R-PS300 stands out in the crowd with its reliable power output and multiple charging ports. This 300W station ensures the power needs of your small to medium-sized devices are met. With solar panel compatibility and an easy-to-read display, it shines as a great choice for outdoor activities and emergencies.


  • Robust 300W output to support various devices.
  • Multiple ports for diversified charging.
  • Solar charging compatibility makes it a sustainable choice.


  • The solar panel is sold separately, leading to additional costs.
  • Bulkier than some of its competitors, which could affect portability.

LIPOWER 300W Portable Power Station LPUS-300W-Y-1

LIPOWER 300W Portable Power Station, Average 25 Phone Recharges, 1-4 Nights for CPAP, 296Wh Portable Solar Powered Generator Battery Supply for RV Camping, Emergency, Power Outages
  • EASY TO CARRY & STORE — This PA300 power station measures 10 x 4.7 x 9.1 inches and weighs only 7.1lb, making it very easy to use during blackouts, on road trips, in off-the-grid places, and while camping, fishing, and hiking.
  • BRIGHT LED EMERGENCY LIGHT — This power station has a practical battery backup for emergencies and a large LED emergency light bright enough for a large room. The light has 4 modes, including an SOS mode, so that you will never be left in the dark during a storm, a hurricane, or other emergency situations. Great camping essentials for your choice.
  • LARGE CAPACITY TO SUPPORT YOUR NEEDS — Its 296Wh capacity provides approximately 25 recharges for phones, or 8 recharges for tablets, or 5 recharges for laptops, or 2-4 nights for a CPAP machine, or 4 hours for a 32” TV.
  • VERSATILE OUTLETS FOR DIFFERENT DEVICES — It features 2*Pure Sine Wave AC outlets (110V, Rated 300W/Surge 500W), 2*DC ports (72W), 2*USB ports (10W), 1*QC3.0 USB (18W), and 1*Type-C PD (18W).
  • QUICK RECHARGE & SUPPORT SOLAR PANEL — PA300 can be easily charged in approximately 5 hours using an AC adapter, in 6–9 hours using a car cig’ charge, and in 5–8 hours using the solar panel (sold separately, compatible with 18V 60W/100W panel).

Of all the 300-watt power stations, this is the most budget-friendly, with high marks form me and other reviewers.

Review: LIPOWER’s 300W Portable Power Station LPUS-300W-Y-1 is designed with a focus on performance and convenience. It provides a consistent power supply and features a sleek design, along with an informative LED screen that aids in monitoring power usage and battery status.


  • High-quality build with a sleek design.
  • LED screen provides crucial power status information.
  • Equipped with multiple ports to accommodate various devices.


  • Heavier than some similar-capacity models, which may impact portability.
  • Lacks the ability to support high-wattage appliances.

MARXON 300W Portable Power Station G300

MARXON G300 Portable Power Station 300W, 300Wh Solar Generator, 1.5 Hrs 80% Fast Recharge, Ultra-Fast 120W Solar Input, PD100W Supported (Solar Panel Optional) for Outdoors RV Camping Home Emergency
  • 🚀 X-Rocket Charging Mode. Marxon G300 stands out from the crowd with 270W dual charging technology, capable of recharging the unit to 80% in under one hour (150W AC +120W Solar Input)
  • 🛰️ More powerful 120W Solar Input. G300 is an outstanding solar catcher. This solar generator outperforms others and can be fully recharged within 3.5 hours with 120W max solar input. Fearless of the off-grid moments anymore.
  • 🔌 150W Built-In AC Charger. A real portable power station saves you the hassle to carry an extra external bulky AC charger and get 80% recharged within 1.5 hours from the grid.
  • 🔋 Huge Portable 300Wh Capacity. Featured with a grade-A battery pack, Marxon G300 Portable Power Station is built to last and instantly powers your devices every day for 5 years.
  • ⚡ PD100W USB-C. Get a faster charge speed for your laptop from this portable power station. G300 strengthens the durability of your laptop. Say goodbye to power off.

I know looks shouldn’t matter as much, but some of the 300-watt power stations look clunky and dated, not the MARXON, you get lots of power in a decent package.

Review: The MARXON G300 is a reliable power station that delivers a robust 300W output. Its sturdy design, coupled with multiple charging outlets, makes it a versatile choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.


  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • 300W output ensures reliable power for several devices.
  • Variety of charging outlets supports multiple devices simultaneously.


  • The device might be bulkier compared to some of its counterparts.
  • Could take a long time to recharge fully.

Hitofish Portable Power Station YP-300W

Portable Power Station, 296Wh Outdoor Backup Lithium Battery Solar Powered Generator (Solar Panel Not Included), 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Power Bank for Camping Home Use Hunting Emergency
  • Clean 296Wh Portable Power—Hitofish YP-300W is manufactured by Dongguan Yongsen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. It is equipped with 296Wh lithium battery. It can power a large number of your devices such as phone, laptop, tablet, light, fan, projector, car refrigerator, drone, switch, camera, and more. We provide safe, clean, high-capacity portable power.
  • QC3.0 Fast Charging—The Hitofish YP-300W has a Type-C QC3.0 PD (60w) port for fast charging your device. There are also 4 USB-A ports, 2 DC output ports, and 2 AC output ports, which can meet the use of a variety of electrical equipment. It has over-current protection, short-current protection, over-discharge protection, over-charge protection, over-voltage protection and thermal protection, making you safer with electricity.
  • LED Emergency Lighting—To meet everyday and emergency situations, our products offer LED lighting features. The yellow and white lights can be always on to meet the daily lighting needs, and you can switch the lights according to your usage habits. When needed, you can turn on SOS mode, which will flash yellow and white. It is fully functional, escorting your daily life and outdoor camping.
  • Four Charging Methods—Our products can be charged in four ways, so you can choose the best charging method at the moment. You can charge it via AC power adapter / USB-PD port / car / solar energy (solar panel not included). Whether at home or outdoors, no need to worry about lack of battery power. It also powers your device while it’s charging, you can enjoy your life without waiting.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY—Hitofish YP-300W is designed with a soft and durable handle to protect your hands. The power supply has a net weight of 7.05lb, you can easily pick it up. The portable shape allows you to easily put it in your travel bag. It is a perfect small power station for you.

Review: The Hitofish YP-300W power station boasts a reliable 300W output in a portable design. The station shines with its diverse charging outlets, including AC, DC, USB, and car ports, ensuring compatibility with a range of devices.


  • Versatile charging options for a variety of devices.
  • Compact design enhances portability.
  • Reliable 300W power output.


  • Solar panels for recharging are sold separately.
  • It may not support larger, power-demanding appliances.
  • Limited information on the display could make power management challenging.

My Picks For Best 500-Watt Power Stations:

A 500-watt portable power station offers a substantial amount of power that can be used in a variety of scenarios. For camping, tailgating, or other outdoor activities, a 500-watt power station can run devices such as portable refrigerators, mini AC units, lights, fans, and more. It’s also great for charging your essential devices like smartphones, laptops, and cameras. A 500-watt power station can power a laptop, charge mobile devices, run a printer, or even power a Wi-Fi router.

Blackfire 500W Power Station PAC505

Blackfire – Klein Tools Outdoors – Portable Power Station, PAC505, Outdoor Solar Generator, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 120V/500W, AC Outlet for Camping, Tailgating, Emergency Backup, Solar Charging
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 505Wh (46.8Ah/10.8V) Power a 300W blender for 80 minutes, a 60W Mini Fridge for 37 Hours, a 50W Air Pump for 8 Hours, a 5W LED Bulb for 80 Hours, and more
  • AC OUTPUT: (2) 120V AC Ports; 500W Rated Power and 1000W Surge Power from pure-sine wave AC port
  • USB OUTPUTS: (4) USB ports – (2) Type A, (1) Type C, and (1) Type C PD
  • POWER STATION RECHARGING: AC outlet (adapter included), DC carport (adapter included), or Solar Panels (sold separately; 80W Max). 8mm Port
  • DC OUTPUT: 12V, 10A Max

Most features of the group. Sleek design and reliable performance make it a valuable asset in various scenarios, from camping trips to power outages.

Review: The Blackfire PAC505 is an impressive power station that brings a robust 500W output to the table. Its multiple charging ports and sleek design make it a versatile and convenient choice for camping trips, power outages, and more.


  • Powerful 500W output can power a range of devices.
  • Multiple charging ports enhance versatility.
  • Sleek design combined with solid construction promotes durability.


  • It’s on the heavier side, which could affect portability.
  • Charging time can be lengthy, particularly from a standard wall outlet.

ATEM POWER 500W ZXP-0101-1

ATEM POWER Portable Power Station 500W 518WH portable generator with AC Ports, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping with CIG Socket, Battery Backup for Outdoor generators RV Travel Emergency Use
  • 【High Capacity】If you need to go off the grid, this portable power station will keep your electronics charged without power shortage. The camping power delivers a SoC of about 80% after 300 deep cycles, and this solar power bank offers 518Wh capacity to power virtually all outdoor activities. This camping power bank/electric generator can go with you wherever you want, do not miss this portable power station.
  • 【Multiple Ports】The solar power bank/portable power station comes with multiple outputs, so you can charge with the camping power/electric generator’s AC ports, CIG socket, 4 USB ports. This portable power station/camping power bank can be powered by AC-DC Input, Anderson plug from solar panel or a 60W USB-C port, and it recharges from 0-80% in 3 hours, or to full in 5.5 hours with supplied charger.
  • 【Solid Performance】Inverter allows this portable power station to provide 500W and surge power of 1,000W, meaning this camping power bank can fully satisfy your needs. This electric generator/camping power’s BMS offers over-charge/ discharge, high/low temperature protection. An 100W MPPT controller of the solar power bank means the sunlight can directly power your portable power station.
  • 【Optimally Engineered】This portable power station/camping power features 10.4 lbs. of weight that allows this camping power bank to add up to the portability of the electric generator. LCD display of this solar power bank/portable power station offers real-time usage data.
  • 【Highly Functional】You deserve to relax on your camping trip and this portable power station will give that peace of mind. Smartphones and laptops can plug straight into this portable power station for quick charge and this solar power bank will keep your CPAP running smoothly, and 2 fans of this camping power/electric generator are integrated in the camping power bank for rapid heat dissipation.

The ZXP-0101-1 stands out for its high-capacity lithium-ion battery and generous power output. It is reliable and capable of powering various devices simultaneously, making it a practical choice for many power needs.

Review: The ATEM POWER ZXP-0101-1 is a reliable power station with a generous 500W output. Its high-capacity lithium-ion battery and multiple charging ports make it an ideal choice for powering up various devices simultaneously.


  • High-capacity battery can provide long-lasting power.
  • Multiple charging ports accommodate different devices.
  • Sturdy build ensures durability and longevity.


  • Can be bulky and heavy, reducing its portability.
  • May not be sufficient for high power-demanding appliances.

GRECELL 500w Portable Power Station T-500

500W Portable Power Station, GRECELL Solar Generator 519Wh (Peak 1000W) Lithium Battery Power Generator with 2*110V AC Outlets, Mobile Battery Backup Pack for RV Trip Camping, Outdoor Adventure, Home
  • Power Up Your Life with High Capacity: This solar generator with pure sine wave AC outlets 519Wh (140400mAh) can power most of your essential devices and small appliances, such as a phone, laptop, tablet, Macbook, light, fan, router, TV, projector, small blender, car refrigerator, drone, camera and CPAP machine, with rated power less than 500 watts. No gasoline or fuel needed, no smell, no fumes, and noiseless! Safe and convenient, ideal for both home use and outdoor trip.
  • Multiple Outputs Provide More Options: The portable power station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously according to your needs, equipped with 2*pure sine wave AC output ports (110V/500W), 3*USB-A QC3.0 ports (18W max), 1*USB-C PD output (20V/3A, 60W max), 2*DC ports (12V/5A), 1*Car Port (12V/10A) and 1*wireless charger(9V/1.1A,10W). Quick Charge USB 3.0 and USB-C PD output allow for charging 2.5x faster than a universal USB-C charger.
  • Safe & Stable: Worry no more about power outages because GRECELL portable power station with reliable lithium battery is here to save you! It has a built-in excellent Battery Management System (BMS), which protects devices through temperature control, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection functions. Also, the Pure Sine Wave AC inverter can better protect your sensitive devices, ensuring the safety of you and your devices, and preserving battery life.
  • Portable & Lightweight: With a lightweight 14.1lbs and compact size, GRECELL portable generator is customized for portable carry-on with a solid handle, making it easy and comfortable enough to be carried around for your outdoor camping, road trip, fishing, hunting, boating, RV trip, and indoor blackout. Besides, the built-in LED flashlight with light-strobe-SOS modes makes this power station with ac outlet convenient for outdoor activities and home emergencies (power outage, hurricane).
  • Easily Rechargeable with 3 Ways: (1)GRECELL portable camping generator can be recharged with any compatible 100W or 200W solar panel (panel not included), and can be fully charged in 6-9 hours by 100W solar panel in full sun. (2) The power generator can be fully charged in 7-8 hours by car charger. (3) Can be fully charged in 6-7 hours being plugged into the wall outlet.

A lot of bang for the buck!

Review: The GRECELL T-500 stands out with its substantial 500W output and compact design. The power station is equipped with multiple ports to support a range of devices, making it a perfect companion for outdoor activities and emergencies.


  • High output power to support numerous devices.
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Variety of ports enhances its versatility.


  • Solar panel compatibility, but panels sold separately.
  • Long recharging time when not using solar panels.

Anker 535 Portable Power Station A1751

Anker 535 Portable Power Station, 512Wh Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) with LiFePO4 Battery Pack, 500W 9-Port Powerhouse, 4 AC Outlets, 60W USB-C PD Output, LED Light for Outdoor Camping, RV
  • 6x Longer-Lasting: Rated to provide 3000 charge cycles with premium LiFePO4 batteries extends the battery lifespan by 6x more than the standard lithium-ion battery pack. A drop-proof unibody structure enhances durability in the harshest environment for peace of mind at home or outdoors.
  • Unprecedented 10-Year Lifespan: Instead of 2 years, 535 Portable Power Station lets you power your devices everyday for 10 years. It also comes with an exclusive 5-year full device warranty for a guaranteed, worry-free experience.
  • Extra USB-C Port: Recharge to 80% in under 2.5 hours via the in-box adapter and a USB-C port. Time to get rid of bulky adapters because charging your laptop at fast speeds only requires a single cable.
  • 9 Ports for All: The power station has all the ports you need to charge your devices and appliances. It is equipped with 4 AC ports, 3 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a car outlet.
  • All-Round Capacity: With a 512Wh capacity, the power station is an all-round solution to charge all your necessities. Seamlessly power a heater, portable fridge, lamp, and TV.

The Anker 535 secures a spot on our list with its high-quality build from a trusted brand.

Review: The Anker 535 Portable Power Station A1751 offers reliable power supply in a sleek, compact package. As a reputable brand, Anker ensures high-quality build and performance, allowing this power station to support various devices effectively.


  • High-quality build from a trusted brand.
  • Sleek and compact design enhances portability.
  • Provides a solid 500W power output.


  • The price might be on the higher end compared to similar models.
  • Limited number of charging ports.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB55

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB55, 537Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 4 700W AC Outlets (1400W Peak), 100W Type-C, Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping, Off-grid, Blackout (Solar Panel Optional)
  • [Camping Game Changer] – With 537Wh LFP cells and a 700W inverter, the EB55 power station can run most of your outdoor essentials and home electronics such as phones, projectors, mini freezers, etc.
  • [13 Versatile Outlets] – 100W PD for superfast charging, while the wireless charging pad, 700W AC, USB-A, car port, and DC 5521 make the portable power station perfect for the camper or overlander.
  • [Dual Recharging] – Support dual recharging by 200W PV + 200W AC or dual AC to achieve a max. input power of 400W, allowing this solar generator to be fully recharged in as little as 1.8 hours.
  • [Small But Pack a Punch] – The lunch-box-size solar battery EB55 weighs 16.5lbs as much as 6-pack cold ones with a foldable handle on top, allowing you to travel light with sufficient power.
  • [What You Get] – BLUETTI EB55 portable power station, AC adapter, solar charging cable, car charging cable, user manual.

The BLUETTI shines with its robust design. Its informative LED display and innovative features, like wireless charging, solidify its position on our best-of list.

Review: The BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station excels with its sturdy design and powerful 537W output. This power station also features an informative LED display and wireless charging, making it a top pick for any power needs.


  • Robust 537W power output to support various appliances.
  • Informative LED display assists in power management.
  • Wireless charging feature adds a touch of convenience.


  • Heavier than some of its counterparts, impacting portability.
  • Could take a significant amount of time to recharge fully.

Choosing the Right Size Portable Power Station for Your Needs

What is a Portable Power Station?

A portable power station is a device that can store and generate electrical power that you can use on the go. It’s basically like having a mini-generator that you can carry around with you.

A typical portable power station will have one or more batteries that are charged either through an AC outlet or solar panels. The stored energy can then be used to power a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, and even household appliances.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to portable power stations, size matters. The right size for you will depend on your specific needs and how you plan to use it. If you choose a unit that’s too small, you might not have enough power to run your devices for as long as you need them.

On the other hand, if you choose a unit that’s too large, it might be heavier than necessary and more difficult to transport. Choosing the right size portable power station is all about finding the balance between portability and functionality.

You want something that’s light enough to carry around but also powerful enough to meet your energy needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different sizes of portable power stations available on the market today and help guide you towards choosing the best one for your needs.

200-Watt Portable Power Station300-Watt Portable Power Station500-Watt Portable Power Station
Smartphones (Average Battery Size 3000mAh)Approx. 30-40 TimesApprox. 50-60 TimesApprox. 80-100 Times
Tablets (Average Battery Size 8000mAh)Approx. 12-15 TimesApprox. 20-22 TimesApprox. 35-40 Times
Laptops (Average Battery Size 5000mAh)Approx. 15-20 TimesApprox. 25-30 TimesApprox. 40-50 Times
LED Camp Lights (5W)Approx. 40 HoursApprox. 60 HoursApprox. 100 Hours
Mini Fridge (60W)Approx. 3 HoursApprox. 5 HoursApprox. 8-9 Hours
CPAP Machine (60W)Approx. 3 HoursApprox. 5 HoursApprox. 8-9 Hours

These values are approximations and depend on the actual efficiency of the power station and power consumption of individual devices. Always refer to the specific device’s power requirements and the power station’s specifications to determine actual charging or power supply capacities.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Size

Determine Your Power Needs (Wattage)

When choosing a portable power station, one of the most important things to consider is your power needs. This means figuring out how much electricity you’ll need to power your devices or appliances.

To do this, you’ll need to know the wattage of each device or appliance you plan on using with the power station. You can usually find this information on a label or sticker on the device itself.

Once you know the wattage of each device, you can add them up to determine your total wattage needed. It’s important to choose a portable power station that can handle at least as much wattage as you require so that it can power everything without overloading or causing damage.

Consider How Long You Will Need to Use It For

Another factor to consider when choosing a portable power station is how long you’ll need to use it for. Different models have different battery capacities, which will affect how long they can provide electricity before needing to be recharged.

If you only need a portable power station for short periods, like camping trips or outdoor events, then a smaller model with lower battery capacity may suffice. However, if you plan on using it for longer periods, like during a power outage or extended camping trip, then a larger model with higher battery capacity will be necessary.

Think About the Weight and Portability of the Unit

It’s important to think about the weight and portability of the unit when choosing a portable power station size. Smaller units are typically more lightweight and easier to carry around while larger ones may require wheels or handles for transport. Consider where you’ll be using your portable power station and whether weight and portability are important factors in your decision-making process.

If you plan on moving it around frequently, you’ll want to choose a model that’s easy to transport. On the other hand, if you plan on leaving it in one location for extended periods of time, weight and portability may not be as big of a concern.

Small Portable Power Stations

Small and Mighty: The Benefits of Small Portable Power Stations

Small portable power stations are the perfect solution for those who need a compact and lightweight option for powering their devices. These units typically weigh less than 10 pounds and can easily fit into a backpack or carry-on bag. One of the biggest benefits of small portable power stations is their convenience – you can take them anywhere, whether you’re hiking in the mountains or spending the day at the beach.

Another advantage of small portable power stations is their affordability. Because they have a smaller battery capacity, they are often less expensive than larger models.

Additionally, they require less energy to charge, which means you can save money on your electricity bill. Small portable power stations are environmentally friendly.

They usually use lithium-ion batteries which are much better for the environment than traditional lead-acid batteries. And because they recharge using solar panels or other renewable energy sources, there’s no need to use fossil fuels to charge them up.

When to Choose a Small Portable Power Station

Small portable power stations are perfect for those who need to charge small electronics like smartphones, cameras, laptops, and portable speakers. They’re also great for short camping trips or day trips where you won’t be far from civilization. If you only need to charge a few small devices and don’t want to lug around a larger power station, then a small option is the way to go.

However, if you plan on powering larger electronics like refrigerators or running multiple devices simultaneously, then you’ll want to consider a medium or large portable power station instead. It’s important to assess your specific needs before making a purchase to ensure that you get the right size for your needs.

Medium Portable Power StationsGetting the right balance between power and portability with a medium-sized portable power station

For those who need a little more power than what a small portable power station can deliver, but don’t want to sacrifice too much in terms of portability, medium-sized portable power stations are an excellent choice. These units typically weigh between 15 and 30 pounds, making them still relatively easy to carry around, but they pack a lot more punch than their smaller counterparts.

One of the main benefits of a medium-sized portable power station is their higher wattage output. With these units, you can expect to get anywhere from 1000 to 3000 watts of power.

This makes them ideal for powering larger appliances or tools like refrigerators or circular saws. They are also great for outdoor activities like camping where you may need to run multiple devices at once. Examples of Medium-Sized Portable Power Stations on the Market

A medium-sized portable power station would be perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities like camping or tailgating but still want access to enough reliable electricity to run larger devices. These units are also great for emergency situations where you may need backup power for your home appliances during an outage. Additionally, if you have hobbies that require electricity such as woodworking or welding, a medium-sized portable power station can give you the freedom and flexibility to work wherever you need to.

Large Portable Power Stations

If you need to power a lot of devices for an extended period, then a large portable power station may be the best choice. These units typically have a capacity of 500Wh or more and can provide hours or even days of power. Some models can even handle high-wattage devices like refrigerators and power tools.

The Benefits of Large Portable Power Stations

One of the biggest benefits of large portable power stations is their capacity. They can handle a lot of devices and keep them running for extended periods.

This makes them ideal for camping trips, outdoor events, and emergency backup power. In addition to their capacity, many large portable power stations also feature multiple charging options.

They may include AC outlets, USB ports, DC ports, and even solar panels. This versatility allows you to charge all types of devices from phones to laptops to cameras.

When a Large Portable Power Station Would be Appropriate

If you plan on powering multiple devices or high-wattage appliances for an extended period without access to traditional power sources like outlets or generators then a large portable power station would be appropriate. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or tailgating where you want to keep a refrigerator, lights, and other electronics powered up.

They are also great for emergency backup power in case of a power outage or natural disaster. If you don’t need the capacity of a large portable power station, then you may want to consider smaller options such as medium and small portable power stations which we have covered in other sections of this article.

Rarely Known Small Details to Consider When Choosing a Portable Power Station Size

The type of battery used in different sizes of units.

When it comes to portable power stations, the type of battery used is an essential factor that affects the performance and lifespan of the unit. Most small portable power stations usually come with Lithium-ion batteries or Lithium Polymer batteries.

These types of batteries are lightweight and have high energy density, which means they can store more energy in less space. On the other hand, larger units typically use lead-acid batteries or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

These types of batteries are heavier but can provide more power for a longer time. The size and weight of the battery also affect the overall weight and portability of the unit.

Smaller power stations have smaller batteries that weigh less, making them easier to carry around. Larger units have bigger batteries that can last longer but may be too heavy to carry on long trips.

The charging time required for different sizes.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a portable power station is how long it takes to charge it fully. The charging time varies depending on the size and type of battery used in each unit. Generally, smaller units take less time to charge than larger ones.

Small portable power stations usually take between 4-6 hours to fully charge from a wall outlet, while medium-sized units may require up to 8-10 hours or more depending on their capacity. Large portable power stations can take up to 24 hours or longer to charge fully.

It’s important to keep in mind that charging times may vary based on factors such as temperature, humidity levels, and voltage fluctuations. Some models come with fast-charging technology that allows you to recharge your device quickly.

The lifespan of different sizes.

When choosing a portable power station, it’s crucial to consider its lifespan. The lifespan of a power station depends on various factors such as the quality of the battery used, how often it’s used, and how well-maintained the unit is.

Smaller units usually have a shorter lifespan compared to larger ones due to their smaller batteries. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for several years.

On the other hand, larger units have longer lifespans due to their bigger batteries. It’s important to note that overcharging or undercharging your unit can significantly reduce its lifespan.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge and maintain your device properly. With proper care and usage, your portable power station can provide reliable power for many years.

Choosing the Right Size Portable Power Station Is About The Details

Choosing the right size portable power station is crucial to ensure that you have enough power to meet your needs without sacrificing portability or convenience. When considering which size to choose, it’s important to take into account your power needs (wattage), how long you’ll need to use the unit for, and its weight and portability. Small portable power stations are a great option for those who need a compact and lightweight solution for charging small devices or powering low-wattage appliances.

They’re perfect for camping trips or road trips where you need a reliable source of power but don’t want to be weighed down by heavy equipment. 

Medium-sized portable power stations offer more wattage than their smaller counterparts, making them ideal for those who need to charge larger devices or run appliances with higher wattage requirements. They’re also great for longer camping trips where you’ll need more sustained power.

These units can handle high-wattage appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and even electric vehicles! They’re perfect for emergency situations where reliable backup power is critical or off-grid living situations where traditional utility access isn’t available.

By considering factors like wattage requirements and portability constraints upfront, you’ll be able to find a unit that meets your power needs without sacrificing convenience or performance. So go ahead, explore the options available on the market, and enjoy the freedom that comes with having reliable power on-the-go!