Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight BBM6411 Review

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect EDC flashlight. Even though I have several tried-and-true favorites that have been in and out of my pockets for years, it’s always a good day when I get to try out a new model like the Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight.

Blackfire is a Texas-based outdoor gear brand owned by Klein Tools, a company that’s been around since 1857. They’re all about creating quality gear that eliminates the need for disposable batteries, and the BBM6411 Rechargeable Flashlight is a light I’ve really been looking forward to testing out.

First Impressions

I find the Blackfire BBM6411 Rechargeable Flashlight to be a handy little flashlight for the outdoors, around the house, and everyday carry. It’s a little bigger than my usual EDC pocket light, but still a very comfortable size. 

It also has an eye-catching look. The black and orange color scheme makes it stand out among my ever-growing collection of flashlights, and also makes it a bit easier to find when I inevitably drop it. It feels sturdy, and the light modes are intuitive, making it easy to operate without any real learning curve (instructions are included, just in case).

Measurements & Specs

The light features an LED bulb and uses Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries. A USB-A to USB-C cable for charging is included. The body of the flashlight is made of rugged anodized aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable. 

The Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight weighs just 1.9 oz. It measures just a hair over 4.25” long, and is about 0.75” thick at its widest point. Its dimensions make it eminently pocketable, and just the right size to fit comfortably in an average-sized palm. 

Light Modes & Operation

Operated by use of a tailcap push-button switch, the Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight has four light modes, which are simple and easy to cycle through. Firmly pushing the button until you hear an audible ‘click’ will turn the light on or off, and a soft press of the button while the light is on will cycle you through the various light modes. Those modes, in the order, are: 

  • High: 275 lumens
  • Medium: 200 lumens
  • All-Day Eco: 15 lumens
  • Strobe: 12 lumens

The quality of the light is crisp and clear, with soft edges around the beam. The flashlight has a memory, so it will automatically return to the same light mode it was on before you turned it off. That’s a nice feature that saves a lot of unnecessary clicking.

Charging & Battery Life

The Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight will run for 3 hours on High, 5 hours on Medium, 12 hours on Eco, and 47 hours on strobe. It runs on a single lithium ion 10440 battery, which comes already loaded into the flashlight and ready to go. The flashlight also features a “fuel gauge” of sorts, which is a tri-color LED light that indicates battery life as follows: 

  • Solid green: 100% charge
  • Blinking green: 70-99% charge
  • Blinking yellow: 35-69% charge
  • Blinking red: 0-34% charge. 

The fuel gauge illuminates each time you turn the flashlight on or off. When the charge starts to get low, recharging the flashlight is as simple as plugging the USB-A end of the included 18” cable into a USB port or charging brick (brick not included). 

The USB-C end of the cable plugs into the flashlight through a port that is hidden under a metal collar near the forward end of the flashlight. Charging the Blackfire fully from empty takes about 3 hours, which is about what one would expect.

Build & Durability

The Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight is built with 10-foot drop resistance, which I gladly tested by tossing my flashlight out of a second-story window onto cement a few times (I really do love my job). I don’t recommend treating your flashlight that way, but I’m happy to report that mine still works, albeit with a few dings to the finish. 

The flashlight is also designed to be waterproof and dustproof, though the folks at Blackfire don’t provide any specific IPX rating, as far as I can tell. I left mine to soak in a glass of water for about an hour with no ill effects.

I will say that, if you intend to test the waterproof-ness of this flashlight, make sure the collar is covering the USB port. A rubber O-ring keeps the water out of the collar when it’s in the closed position, but if it’s open, water can get in through the charging port.

Design Features & User-Friendliness

Overall, I have to give the Blackfire high marks for being comfortable and easy to use. The barrel is nicely-sized and handles well, and it has some fine diamond-patterned knurling for grip.  It also has a removable lanyard that attaches via a small lanyard hole near the tailcap. 

A reversible pocket clip (also removable) is included as well, allowing you to carry the flashlight in your pocket either light-up or light-down. The flashlight can also be clipped to your hat brim to be used as a headlamp. 

The push button requires a decent amount of force, and it sits inside a slightly raised tail cap so that it’s almost impossible to accidentally turn on the light inside your pocket or backpack. My only small quibble with the design is that gripping the flashlight in one’s palm and pushing the thumb switch often causes the collar to slide open.

Final Thoughts

I find the Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight to be perfect for use around the house outdoors. It’s small enough to keep clipped to your pocket or belt, so I would certainly recommend it for anybody who frequently uses a flashlight for work, as well as for hunters, hikers and campers. 

This flashlight also comes at a very reasonable price. The fact that it uses a rechargeable battery with a typical life expectancy of 500 charging cycles is also a money saver in the long run. 

I like that the flashlight is comfortable and easy to use, and that the light modes are simple and intuitive to operate. There’s a pretty solid light range from the 15 lumen All Day Eco mode to the 275 lumen High output. Some people like a brighter light, but I never really find more than 275 lumens necessary. 

I’ve sung the praises of non-rechargeable flashlights plenty of times in the past, and I definitely have a soft spot for them too. Ultimately, which type you like best is a matter of personal preference. I find that I like both in different circumstances, and I’m glad to have the Blackfire Rechargeable Flashlight in my arsenal. 

Blackfire Inc.
500 Klein Tools Boulevard
Mansfield, TX 76063