The Best Survival Stories Based On True Events

Even on what would seem to be a “safe” and easy camping trip serious injury or disaster could be around the next bend great outdoors. That’s why it is so important to be ready. Some of our favorite books are based on true wilderness survival stories; there is a lot to be learned from these stories if you are paying attention.

Best Wilderness Survival Books

Here is a list of our personal favorite survival books, guides and how-to’s that will break down and explain the skills you need to “make it” in the wilderness, or at least give you a fighting change. Some of these are true classics and their instructions have stood the test of time!

What To Read After The Last Kingdom

Longing For More Uhtred Ragnarson? Well, Have You Heard Of Richard Sharpe? Maybe you have finished all the Last Kingdom Books, better known as the Saxon Stories, or maybe you can’t wait for the next season on Netflix, either way I have the next series of books the You Must Read!

The Top Books With Epic Battles

Readers love battle scenes because they pump up the adrenaline and keep you turning to the next page — or if you’re listening to an audiobook, you hang on the narrator’s every last word once the swords are swinging and the bullets are flying.

Lost In The Wild and Eight Other Awesome Books About Survival

There is no end to the terrible situations humans can find their way into, nor a limit to what people are willing to do to get out. With a little bit of skill, a load of determination, and a whole bunch of luck, humans have been able to survive some unbelievable and terrifying challenges.