Knipex 5” Cobra Pliers Review

The 5” Cobra Water Pump Pliers are simply the perfect size for EDC. They’re supremely lightweight and pocketable and, despite my initial misgivings, are by no means too small to operate comfortably. They fit in my hand just right. The thinness of the jaws also makes them more adept at gripping in tight spaces compared to larger pliers.

Gerber Gear MP600 Multitool Review

I’ve been known to bash multitools a little bit in the past. In all fairness, I don’t think multitools are bad by any means; it’s just that you always have to give something up in exchange for convenience. But, the Gerber Gear MP600 is a rugged workhorse that brings some solid functionality to a genre of tools that are too often plagued by useless features.

Hemsut Quick Release Watch Bands

Depending on what you are looking for, Hemsut offers a heavy-duty and reliable strap option that’s perfect on a field watch or something to change up the look of your diver. If you are looking for something rugged, then you won’t be disappointed.

Jibbon Key Organizer

The Jibbon organizer is a minimalist, anti-scratch key organizer made from genuine Italian leather and marine-grade stainless steel.

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