The Spyderco Endela

Spyderco Endela Review

If you’re looking for a capable folding knife that won’t let you down and you’re a fan of Spyderco, then buy the Endela. It’s not a budget folder or a knife with super steel, but an all-around, decent, tool knife to have in your pocket.

Victorinox Cadet

A quick snapshot and explanation on why the Cadet just might be the ultimate EDC knife. The slim design, good looks, and usefulness of these guys goes way beyond their price point.

Spyderco Para3 Lightweight Knife Review

I take a closer look at the Spyderco PM3 Lightweight, a knife I was excited to get to see if it could follow in the footsteps of other slimmed down versions that Spyderco has impressed us with. They did not disappoint here! The PM3 Lightweight is a great, light, good looking pocketknife.