Most Durable Timex Watches

Seven of the Best Rugged Watches From Timex

If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re on the hunt for a durable watch and, more specifically, the most durable and reliable Timex watches on the market. I’ve been an avid fan of Timex for a number of years and have owned at least 50 different models, so I am greatly experienced with the brand.

Watch Reviews Best GMT

Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT Watch Review

Sometimes you just stumble across a watch and realize you just have to have it! You could be scrolling through Instagram, on one of the message boards or even on Pinterest, then, wham, you’re in love with another watch! That was the case for me with the Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT. It’s a watch I had seen around but it never really caught my attention, until recently.

Long Term Review: Bertucci A2-T Vintage Titanium

When it comes to watches, nothing is more synonymous with adventure and the outdoors than a good field watch. It’s the one watch that should be in everyone’s collection and is probably one of the most useful of all the watches you will own. The traditional field watch exudes stability and ruggedness and is always up for a challenge.

Vintage Inspired Field Watches

H.Goose Saluda Watch Review

The resurgence of field watches recently is proof that people still want a good looking and rugged watch. To me, that right there, is the definition of what a field watch is: something that can handle some adventure, looks great but isn’t flashy, and is made from quality materials.

Watch Review: The Phoibos Great Wall

The Phoibos Great Wall is definitely an original diver that comes in at a very competitive price. With a great list of specs, looks to match, and solid price point, this is a watch that will not be a disappointment in your collection.

Watch Reviews

Overview: The Swiss Watch Company Automatic Diver

When it comes to the world of microbrand watches, to say that the field is crowded is an understatement. It’s tough to wade through all the offerings and find the really good ones, to get through the hype and the finely crafted marketing. Really, you just want to come across a great watch! In the end, isn’t that what we all want? We want a solid,interesting watch with a backbone of specs to be proud of. Well, I think that’s exactly what we have here in the SWC Diver.

Orient Mako USA II

Orient consistently puts out solid watches at more-than-fair prices. That right there is a huge, driving factor in what I think of watches and how I rate them: bang for the buck.

Spinnaker Croft Watch Review

The Croft is no exception, named for Robert Croft, a US Navy Diving Instructor who became the first person to free-dive to depth of 200 ft. So, if you’re into diving, or things with a purpose, then you should at least like the history behind the watch.

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