Condor Golok Machete Review

As a bushcraft enthusiast, I was excited to test out the Golok machete by Condor. This hefty blade is designed for heavy chopping and outdoor use. After spending some time with it, I can say that it exceeded my expectations as it’s well-balanced and easily chops through wood like butter. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to wield, even for extended periods, and doesn’t go hard on your hands. The Golok also made our list of Best Machetes For Clearing Brush.

I wanted to try out the Golok machete by Condor because of its positive hype and check how it would perform in the field. The Golok is a big, bad blade and I was eager to see what it could do. So far, I’ve been impressed because it’s a formidable weapon. If you need a trusty chopper, stay a little longer while I share my hands-on review of the Golok machete by Condor!

First Look of the Golok Machete by Condor

The blade of the Golok machete by Condor is made of high-quality, 1075, powder-coated carbon and comes with a protective sheath. This carbon construction gives the machete a nice textured feel and allows it to take a beating. Although it wasn’t too pointy, I knew a bit of buffing and sharpening would bring this machete’s strength out. What’s more, its handle is made of wood and comfortable to hold, something you’ll love when your palms are sweaty. 

The machete is also well balanced and doesn’t shake when you cut wood planks and branches with it. I am also a fan of this machete’s build quality and sleek cut; its blade is curved, grained, and thick, ready to perform a variety of roles. Condor has clearly put a lot of effort into making this high-quality machete because it knows we blade enthusiasts don’t settle for mediocre stuff.

Golok Machete Dimensions 

Before we dive deeper into the performance and strength of the machete, here’s a quick look at its dimensions:

  • Machete length: 20 inches 
  • Overall blade length: 14.50 inches
  • The chopping edge: 13.25 inches
  • Total handle length: 6 inches
  • The machete’s weight: 1.62lbs 
  • Grip area: 4 inches 
  • Made of: 1075 powder-coated carbon steel 

As you can see, these dimensions are pretty great for a machete that has to bear the roughs and toughs of the outside world. From cutting through soft bamboo shoots to chopping twigs and tree branches, this 14.50-inch blade seems to do it all. But how sharp is it, and what about the ergonomics? If you want to know, keep reading! 

The Machete’s Handle and Grip

The first time I held the Golok machete, I admired the heft and curves of its handle right away. The wood handle is thick and curves slightly, fitting comfortably in my hand, so I don’t have to readjust it while working. This design allows for a more natural grip and greater control when I chop through tough surfaces. I could make sweeping motions with ease, and the blade never felt like it might slip from my grip. Even after extended use, my hand never felt tired or sore with the Golok machete because it’s an ergonomic blade that knows how to ease hard tasks. The smart design of the Condor Golok Machete is one of its best features, and it’s one of the reasons I continue to reach for this tool when tackling tough projects in the garden.

Blade Thickness 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of this machete’s blade: 

  • Spine: 0.22 inch
  • Behind edge: 5.65mm-3.13mm 

I’ve had my Golok machete for quite a while, and it’s still going strong. At 0.22 inches at the spine and 5.65mm at the back edge, it’s thicker than most machetes on the market. And it’s not just for show; this thing can take a beating. I’ve used it for everything from chopping wood to clearing brush, and it has never let me down. It’s also great for everyday tasks like opening boxes, cutting through the tape, and moving bushes from your way when you’re out on the lawn doing spring cleaning, etc. Perhaps it’s a bit too much for some of those tasks, but still can perform them easily if that’s what you grab for.

Sharpness and Chopping Ability 

This might sound strange, but I wasn’t too impressed with the sharpness of my Golok machete initially because it felt a bit bland. But after I spent some time roughing it up and sharpening it, it became an absolute beast that knows how to eat through wood and other hard surfaces. This machete is now my go-to tool for all my machete-related tasks….and there are quite a lot of them! It’s incredibly sharp and can handle anything I throw at it without wobbling or putting my hand at any risk. The Golok machete is also surprisingly neat, considering how powerful it is, especially when I’m chopping through brush or weeds, and it doesn’t leave much mess. 

Machete Sheath 

Have you ever accidentally messed up a knife/machete’s sharpness by dropping it? If so, you know how crucial it is to have a great quality sheath with any blade. Be it a small knife or a rough and tough machete, the sheath has to be reliable. And that’s what Condor is also good at. When I took my Golok machete out of the box, its sleek leather sheath immediately caught my attention because of its texture and snug fitting. 

This cover is made of high-quality welted leather and fits the blade perfectly, hugging its curves and keeping it safe. Plus, this savvy sheath has a belt loop, so I could easily wear it on my hip, and it’s pretty sturdy. It also has a nice bit of weight to it, making it feel like it would protect the blade well and won’t let it rust. When I put the machete back in the sheath, it clicked into place and felt secure. I’m confident that my Golok machete is well-protected in this sheath.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had my Golok machete for about a year, and it’s easily one of the best tools I’ve ever owned. It’s incredibly well-made, with a firm, textured, and sharp blade. This machete’s blade is also slightly curved, which makes it perfect for slicing through vegetation and making slanting cuts through wood. Moreover, its handle’s unique build makes it very comfortable to grip, even when my hands are sweaty, I don’t struggle with this machete’s grip. Overall, I highly recommend the Golok machete to anyone in the market for a new machete – it’s an excellent tool that will serve you well for many years.