Jibbon Key Organizer

A Quick Overview

If you’re an Instagram nut like me, and have started to grow your followers, you’ve, no doubt, been contacted by at least one company. They are presumably wanting you to do a paid promotion or to trade some product placement pics in exchange for merchandise.  I probably get one or two requests per week, and my answer is always the same…I need to test it first! I will not post items in my feed if they’re crappy or junky. Period.

That being said, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a prototype of the Jibbon Key Organizer right before they launched their Kickstarter Campaign and I was definitely blown away. I wasn’t really a key organizer guy before this, but the Jibbon changed my mind for sure. I don’t carry a bunch of keys. In fact, I do everything I can to not carry keys and big fobs, so this was going to real test for me.

One of Jibbon’s features is that the organizer can be set up with no tools, which is good for a lot of folks. (Of course, you know me, and I always have the right tools “at the ready.”) It’s also small and slim, perfect for holding 4 or 5 keys in a tiny package made of extremely nice leather. When I opened up the package, I thought I’d stepped foot in a leather store; it smelled amazing!

The Jibbon organizer is a minimalist, anti-scratch key organizer made from genuine Italian leather and marine grade stainless steel.

So, set up is easy, it looks good, excellent materials, but how is it in the real world? So, I loaded this up with a few extra keys I had laying around for testing…..and I love it!

First, the leather quality is awesome and the keys stay nicely tucked inside. This is a plus as when it’s in your pocket so you don’t run the risk of scratching your phone or other items.

Secondly, it looks good! Not everyone wants to look like they’re ready for deployment. Some other key organizers have a more industrial look, but the Jibbon has a refined appearance.

Third, it just works. This is probably the most important thing to me. You can swap out keys (without tools!) using the main holding pin, it has two sizes so you can expand the number of keys you want to load, it snaps firmly together so there’s no risk of losing keys, and it has a nice, removable D-ring to attach it to other items.

You can get a more in-depth look on their Kickstarter page. For me, I can’t wait for the final design to launch! It has my thumbs up. It’s a great product!