A Casio Gshock For #digihumpday

Recently my local Walmart discounted a ton of watches, supposedly they are no longer going to have a jewelry department. I scored this Gshock on clearance and can add another lcd dial to my #digihumpday collection. I’m still not a total fan, they are just big and clunky. A Timex Ironman does all the same stuff with a better back light and in a smaller footprint. However, I do get the cult affection of the Gshock. There is just something about it that makes you feel like you can tackle anything with them. I really want to do a head to head test of a Timex Shock and classic square Gshock.  It also goes to show that the Casio Gshock is super popular, because whenever I post my Square Body, it gets all the likes!

Let’s break down the gear in the #flatlay pic: