Flatlay Breakdown #14

Part of having a well thought-out EDC gear drop is making sure that what you carry will apply to all the possible situations you may find yourself in (and also for all the situations you already know you’ll find yourself in.) In each of our vehicles, I keep a basic tool kit of wrenches, sockets, extensions, etc., that I think would help in the event of a breakdown. How do you pick the tools? In my case, I grab the basic sizes that are on that particular vehicle (such as standard sizes or metric), check the basic bolt and nut sizes, and lastly, I’ll check to see if I’ll need a socket, wrench, or other tools. Have you ever had to replace a car battery on a vacation? That’s one thing I make sure I have the right stuff for. Things like having an actual screwdriver can also make or break a situation. Either way, you wouldn’t want to do serious work with the phillips bit on a Leatherman, would you?

In this drop:

  • Watch: Spinnaker Fleuss
  • Zebra F4012 Ballpoint Pen
  • Folder: Spyderco Para3
  • Armour Supply minimalist wallet
  • Victorinox Alox Cadet – Blue
  • Various bits and sockets
  • Spyderco FRN Chappral
  • Knipex 5″ Pilers
  • Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream