Flatlay Breakdown #10

Not too long ago I took the kids on a bushcraft adventure. We went into the woods and built our own shelter for the night. As I said in my Instagram post, I’m an over-packer and I had lots of gear and blades to choose from. However, this stuff here were the all-stars, the most used and most impressive. Frankly, the Terävä Skrama is an absolute beast and I was blown away by its performance. If you don’t know what it is or how amazing it is, check out the video by Dutch Bushcraft Knives.

Gear In This Picture:

  • Tereva Skrama from Varusteleka
  • Thermacell MR300
  • Spyderco PM2
  • Bertucci A2-T on a Clockwork Synergy Nato
  • Fiskars X7
  • Snow Peak Titanium Cup
  • Hatchet Sheath From Etsy
  • Titanium Spork
  • Black Diamond Spot
  • Paracord
  • Exotac Fire Sleeve
  • Sharpening Stone
  • Fat Rope Stick Fire Starter
  • Victorinox Pioneer X
  • Lumintop Flashlight
  • Garmin GPS
  • Corona Folding Saw