Roaring Fire Picofire Pocket Pouch Review

The idea behind everyday carry—or EDC—is to curate an easy-to-carry assortment of gear and tools that allow you to be prepared for wherever your day-to-day travels and adventures may take you. 

The curse of EDC is that inevitably, you end up with more gear and tools than you could ever realistically carry. If you’ve seen my Instagram page, then you know what I’m talking about. 

Anyway. All this is to say that an organizer or pocket pouch can come in really handy when your EDC starts to become more than your actual pockets can comfortably carry. The Picofire Pocket Pouch from Roaring Fire is an EDC organizer that I’ve come to really like and appreciate. 

Measuring up the Pocket Pouch

The Roaring Fire Picofire Pocket Pouch measures about 6.3″ x 4.3″ x 1″ and weighs a trim of 3.5 oz., which for me is just the right size for my usual EDC assortment. It’s made of durable 500D Nylon, with YKK Zippers and quality reinforced stitching with taped seams.

It’s comparable to some of the similar-sized everyday carry organizers made by Maxpedition, though at around $20 it’s definitely a more budget-friendly option. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Picofire is better than a Maxpedition pouch, but it’s at least in the same ballpark. 

Layout and Capacity

The Picofire Pocket Pouch functions as a clamshell gear wallet, which fully zips around three sides. There’s a smaller zippered pocket on each exterior side, and a Velcro field that you can use to attach a patch of your choice. Inside the Picofire, there’s a different arrangement on each side, which I find very useful for a wide range of gear.

On the inner left-hand side is one fairly large insert pocket, along with a key holder and six elastic loops of varying sizes. To the right, you have one deep insert pocket with three smaller card-sized insert pockets and a mesh zippered pocket. 

This thing holds a surprising amount of gear for its size, which makes it a very useful EDC organizer. I typically keep a knife, flashlight, lighter and writing utensil in the elastic loops, and a small notebook in one of the insert pockets. The Picofire holds a multitool nicely, though I more often keep a pair of my beloved Knipex EDC pliers in there.

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The pockets on the right side are just right for your ID, fishing or hunting license, credit cards, and any other cards you might want to carry. You might stow a little extra cash too, and the mesh zippered pocket expands quite a bit. I don’t typically keep my phone in there, but you easily could, depending on the size of your device.

Uses for the Picofire Pocket Pouch

There are countless ways to use a Picofire Pocket Pouch. It’s really designed for everyday carry, and on close examination, the single stitching gives it away as an EDC pouch as opposed to a more rough-and-tumble tactical pouch. That’s not a strike against it. Roaring Fire also makes some solid tactical gear if that’s what you’re looking for; it’s just a different thing. 

With that in mind, the Pico is more than up to snuff for EDC. It’s well made, and the 500D Nylon is water resistant. I haven’t personally tested mine with full submersion, but I have taken it out in the rain, and it does a good job keeping its contents dry. 

These pouches are really handy for a lot of different uses, and I can see the benefit of owning several of them, each tailored to a different need. The Picofire would be great as a personal first aid kit, or for keeping survival supplies organized.

Heck, if you need something to keep your phone, phone charger and ear buds all in one place, this would be great for that too. I kind of have it in mind to use one of these to put together a mini fishing kit that I can stow in my hiking bag in case I ever need it in the backcountry. 

Roaring Fire Pocket Pouch: Final Thoughts

There are a handful of really good pocket pouches and organizers on the market for everyday carry. Roaring Fire’s entry into that marketplace is, overall, a very successful one, and certainly one that comes at a price I don’t mind paying. For around $20, 

The Roaring Fire Picofire is also a fun little pouch to play around with. I’ve lost hours of my life putting tools in, taking tools out, and figuring out different arrangements of gear and supplies in this thing. I think just about anybody could find a use for one. 

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