Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Pistol

Self-defense pistols allow us to feel secure in our surroundings, whether they’re familiar or not.

There are many different types of self-defense pistols on the market, from actual firearms to compressed air and CO2-powered pistols that can be just as lethal. At the same time, self-defense weapons don’t necessarily have to shoot to kill.

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and easy to shoot self-defense CO2 pistol, choose the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol. This CO2 pistol from Umarex contains enough power to propel various types of ammunition down range, and can act as a go-to everyday carry (EDC) weapon that gives you confidence as well as security.

I’ve spent some time with the T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Pistol to bring you a review of this self-defense CO2 pistol. We’ll talk about how you can use this Umarex .50 caliber CO2 self-defense pistol, why you should carry it, as well as what to keep in mind when shooting. At the end of this article, you’ll know whether or not you want to incorporate the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Pistol into your training.

Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Pistol

This full-size CO2 self-defense pistol is used for less-than-lethal defense. It can be purchased in California-compliant format, by individuals who are 18 years of age or older. However, it is not intended to be used with paintballs, as the internals are too forceful to propel a paintball from the muzzle with any effectiveness.

The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Pistol relies on T4E technology to bring consumers some of the best training weapons to prepare for real-life engagements. Let’s take a closer look at what that technology looks like.

T4E Pedigree

Training For Engagement, or “T4E,” takes training for real-life situations as its mission. As with many life-threatening situations, muscle memory and knowing what to do in the face of danger are key for reacting quickly and effectively to (a) protect yourself and (b) neutralize any threats.

T4E uses exact copies of the pistols and rifles you’re used to shooting at the range. In fact, many military and law enforcement agencies rely on T4E technology in order to train for less while still keeping their senses sharp.

This family-owned business provides shooters with a cost-effective and yet realistic way to train for threatening engagements they may encounter, so they can be better prepared to respond to the situation for a more favorable outcome.


In addition to the T4E technology that provides a solid background for the Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol, this CO2 gun also packages together a number of features to make it a favorite among shooters of all experience levels.

For example, the polymer frame is lightweight yet sturdy. A 4-inch barrel sits within the black frame, which holds the orange slide in place. Front and rear fiber optic sights help shooters to obtain their target and achieve accuracy. Semi-automatic fire comes via the double-action trigger, which incorporates a Glock-like safety. The safety only disengages when you pull the trigger.

The .50 caliber projectiles exit the muzzle without much recoil at about 375 feet per second (FPS). When firing pepper balls, this equates to about 4 foot pounds of energy (FPE), which is hardly lethal. At only 1.5 pounds, it’s lightweight enough for most shooters to carry without fatigue. A small section of picatinny rail near the muzzle provides enough room for lasers, flashlights, training devices, etc.

Umarex provides consumers with enough ammunition for a practice session or two with the CO2 self-defense pistol, along with a barrel squeegee. This barrel squeegee will come in handy when cleaning the Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol, as it simply inserts into the muzzle and wipes the bore clean.

Internal Magazine

Loading the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol can be difficult for some. Rather than having a removable magazine like traditional pistols, this self-defense CO2 pistol has a small opening forward of the trigger guard. It’s here that you’ll feed the many projectiles you can choose from in order to shoot.

To load the integrated magazine, simply push the follower back gently until it’s seated in place near the muzzle end of the pistol. Load your ammunition in whatever order you prefer, until you’ve loaded 6 rounds. Then, slowly release the follower until it rests against your ammunition.

Umarex reports a shot count of 30 shots per 12-gram CO2 capsule. That’s about 5 magazines’ worth of shooting, which is plenty for any training session. Plus, with the ability to load the type of ammunition you choose, and in the order you want, it’s easy to complete drills and train for real-life scenarios.

Quick Pierce Knob for CO2 Activation

The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol draws power from a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. These cartridges are popular and can typically easily be found online.

CO2 cartridges are loaded into the grip by removing the Quick Pierce Knob on the bottom. This can be done with the provided Allen key, which removes the Knob within a few revolutions. Simply load the CO2 cartridge in with the neck or stem pointing down, away from the muzzle of the gun. Replace the Quick Pierce Knob to seat the cartridge within the grip.

It is important to note that the CO2 cartridge has not been pierced yet. To do this, you will have to bump the bottom of the Quick Pierce Knob in order to push the integrated screw on the other side into the CO2 cartridge. Once this has been done, a small red button will appear at the back of the slide, below the rear sight. This indicates the gun is charged.

The Pistol Shoots Rubber Balls or Pepper Spray Balls

Ammunition Types

The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol shoots pepper, powder, and rubber balls. Remember, it does not shoot paintballs.

Pepper Balls

These effective projectiles weigh roughly 13.36 grains on average. The hard outer shell contains enough pepper to cover a 12 foot radius from the shooter, which is double that of pepper spray alone. The red and white outer coating indicates this pepper ball is ready to do some damage.

When shooting these pepper balls, it is important to note that they require a hard surface upon which to shatter. Clothing may not produce the results you want, so you might have to shoot at the ground in front of your threat in order to effectively release the pepper.

Powder Balls

Similar to the real deal, these powder balls break apart into dust when they hit their target. They are coated blue and white to show the difference between a “live” or pepper round and the tamer powder round.

Many people use powder balls as an intermediary between the pepper balls and the rubber training balls. The powder can accurately indicate where the pepper would have gone had you used a live round.

Rubber Balls

When it comes to training with the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol, the rubber balls are one of the best types of ammunition. They are reusable, so you really don’t need many more than 10-12 in order to practice for hours at a time (provided you don’t lose them). They are black to indicate a dummy round.

The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol comes with 10 rubber balls you can use to begin your training as soon as you open the package.

Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Compact Version

Umarex also sells a compact version of this CO2 pistol that’s similarly priced. With a much smaller ergonomic frame, this tiny pistol is just as effective at providing a valuable self-defense solution. It can easily be deployed without snagging on clothing and holds 4 rounds in the internal magazine.

Just like the full-size version, you can use rubber, dust, or pepper rounds in this compact variant. It uses an 8-gram CO2 cartridge to propel the balls out the muzzle and features the same Quick Pierce Knob for activating your CO2.


The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol is an affordable and accessible self-defense weapon you can use for survival situations. It also fits in a number of holsters, including those that fit inside and outside of the waistband.

Popular brands of holsters that are compatible with the Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol include Mitch Rosen, Black Point Tactical, Vedder, Safariland, and Black Rhino Concealment.


Though you do have to be 18 years or older to purchase the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol, either in full-size or compact, there is no background check required to own it. Everything you need to get started with low-cost self-defense training comes in the box, so you can take it out to the range the day you buy it.

The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol is also great for all shooter types. If you’re not a fan of real firearms but still want something at your side to depend on, this CO2 self-defense pistol has you covered. You don’t have to know anything about working on guns, besides how to work an Allen key.

As both a training and self-defense weapon, the Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol is a great alternative you can turn to in times of less-than-lethal circumstances.


The Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol is priced right around $100 and ammunition costs less than $20 for a few hours’ worth of shooting. In fact, the rubber balls are reusable, so you could get away with using the 10 rubber balls the gun comes with and not have to invest in any more.

Powering the Umarex .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol works in the same way. CO2 cartridges are about $1 each. Even if you were to shoot a new cartridge every time you went out to the range, you’re still coming in way under what you would be paying for live ammunition for a real firearm.

Self Defense

Besides training for the sport of it, the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol can be used in a number of situations to control your surroundings.

For example, you can easily bring it with you to use on hikes. If wildlife gets too close, a quick hit with a smarting rubber ball will surely get your point across. The orange slide will also indicate to law enforcement that it’s not a real firearm, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any confusion there.


Preparing for the worst often means you don’t have access to the materials you normally might, which is where the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol truly shines. With a few simple rounds of ammunition and a handful of CO2 cartridges, this self-defense pistol is self-sufficient. And with reusable ammunition, you can reclaim the rubber balls for endless shots.

Plus, you can combine ammunition types as a way to shoot a warning shot (rubber), a marking shot (powder), and finally the payload (pepper). You can also store the gun without a pierced CO2 cartridge so that it’s ready to go once you bump the Quick Pierce Knob. Until that cartridge has been pierced, the self-defense pistol will remain safe.

What to Keep in Mind When Shooting

It’s important that you do not store the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol with a pierced capsule. This can put undue stress on the internal components and potentially cause failure. You should also refrain from relying on the Glock-style safety to prevent a misfire.

Remember the rules of gun safety and abide by them when using the Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense Pistol. Treat all guns as if they are (a) loaded and (b) lethal. Your life could depend on it.

Final Thoughts on the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense CO2 Pistol

Low-cost and effective, the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense CO2 Pistol provides training for a wide variety of shooters, from all experience levels and backgrounds. This CO2 pistol takes advantage of 3 different ammunition types to train for engagement so you can be better prepared for what’s to come.

If you’re looking for a lightweight self-defense pistol to carry with you without it weighing on your bank account, check out the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 Caliber Self-Defense CO2 Pistol.