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Whether you are an experienced bushcrafter or trying to buy your first wrist watch, you can count on my clarity and experience when it comes to all sorts of tools and gear. I attempt to cut through the marketing hype and get down to business with clear-cut advice. I don’t write 1,000 word essays on the theory of a knife, I just break it down into simple tidbits and focused overviews. Most of all, I will be highlighting what I think. This is Everyday Carry made black and white…

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Tech Writer EDC

Who is this @tech_writer guy? My name is Blair Witkowski and I live in South Carolina near the coast. When I’m not day dreaming about new Spyderco knives, I build websites and specialize in digital marketing and SEO.

I am married with nine kids…all ours, my wife and I were high school sweethearts and still are! I am an avid runner trying to keep a running streak going that is over 1,000+ days now. I love playing paintball, hiking and backpacking, and any chance I can get to be outside.

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Linville Gorge, NC
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Blair & Jennifer
Hiking George Washington National Forest
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Hiking Black Mountain Crest

What Is This All About?

As my Instagram account grew, I started getting requests to promote and collaborate with different types of EDC companies, watch makers, kickstarter campaigns, etc., and to include their products in my pictures. I already knew that all equipment, tools, gear, watches, are not created equal and quickly saw that a lot of what is out there is cheap crap. I vowed to never post anything I would not use myself and if I wouldn’t pay for it, it wasn’t going in my feed!

Why take my advice? I got my first Maglite when I was in the 4th Grade, along with a sweet Swatch Watch.  Ever since then, I have been a #gearjunkie. I have a full wood shop in the garage, cabinets full of power tools, draws filled to the brim with watches, knives, flashlights and more, and over 200 paintball guns. I camp, fish, backpack, and I’m extremely handy in almost everything relating to home improvement! The important thing here is I have the skills and experience to decipher the good from the bad.

The fine print: This site, along with my social media accounts, are to express my opinions and thoughts on various things, mostly Everyday Carry stuff. I am sent wrist watches, pocketknives, notebooks, and more from companies to review and post on my accounts. Many times, I get to keep the items and, in some cases, even offer them to my followers in a contest, raffle, or giveaway promotion.  Sometimes, I also have a chance to make a commission if my recommendation results in a sale. On this website and some accounts, I also use affiliate marketing and links to websites such as Amazon and Consumer Junction, that can also result in getting compensated. However, be assured, my mantra still holds true, I only recommend products that pass my personal scrutiny!