The Most Durable Quartz Watches

It’s a more common internet question than you would think: “what are the most durable wrist watches?” I guess there are a lot of folks out there with broken watches in their kitchen drawer…because that’s where mine go. I have torn through many watches over the years and I am always looking for the most rugged and dependable wrist watches around.

Advolat Flieger Watch Review

I was able to pick up a Advolat Flieger Automatic recently and have spent several weeks with it on the wrist. I already knew that a Flieger-style watch was as classic as they come, yet Advolat has been able to put an original mark on this timeless design.

Spinnaker Hull Diver Watch Review

The Hull Diver watch review. Spinnaker has been around for a number of years and has a large catalog of watches, mostly dive style pieces with Seiko guts inside. Many folks refer to them as a microbrand, but I think at this point they are way past that status.

Phoibos Eagle Ray PY025C Dive Watch Review

This time, Phoibos has changed the movement and upped the stakes with an excellent bracelet version. Perhaps the biggest addition to this one is the bracelet and I want to talk about it first, because it’s excellent.

AVI-8 Engineer Flyboy Watch Review

The Engineer Flyboy is a very nice watch with a slightly understated look. With the brushed case and matching brushed bracelet, the watch will serve you well in a variety of situations.

Orient Neptune Watch Review

As far as dive watches go, there are dive watches and then there are dive watches! The latter being robust timepieces that will handle chasing Sea Monsters almost to the bottom of Loch Ness. Most watch manufacturers usually have one beast of a watch within their catalog, and today, I am talking about a deep diver from Orient Watches.

Dive Watch Review McDowell Time Tidewater

McDowell Time Tidewater Watch Review

It’s always refreshing, and a little exciting, to see a watch that’s original, and I was extremely pleased with the originality of the Tidewater. It’s not just another micro-brand diver with Seiko guts (the Tidewater has a Sellita SW200 inside, more on that later), it’s actually a watch with an original look and a timepiece that seems to have been thought out ahead of production.

Spinnaker Cahill Mid-Size Watch Review

On deck today for review is the Spinnaker Cahill Mid-Size Diver. I’ve had this watch for several weeks now and I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces and get to know it well. It’s easy to see that Spinnaker has another winner on their hands.

Most Durable Timex Watches

Seven of the Best Rugged Watches From Timex

If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re on the hunt for a durable watch and, more specifically, the most durable and reliable Timex watches on the market. I’ve been an avid fan of Timex for a number of years and have owned at least 50 different models, so I am greatly experienced with the brand.

Watch Reviews Best GMT

Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT Watch Review

Sometimes you just stumble across a watch and realize you just have to have it! You could be scrolling through Instagram, on one of the message boards or even on Pinterest, then, wham, you’re in love with another watch! That was the case for me with the Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT. It’s a watch I had seen around but it never really caught my attention, until recently.

Long Term Review: Bertucci A2-T Vintage Titanium

When it comes to watches, nothing is more synonymous with adventure and the outdoors than a good field watch. It’s the one watch that should be in everyone’s collection and is probably one of the most useful of all the watches you will own. The traditional field watch exudes stability and ruggedness and is always up for a challenge.

Vintage Inspired Field Watches

H.Goose Saluda Watch Review

The resurgence of field watches recently is proof that people still want a good looking and rugged watch. To me, that right there, is the definition of what a field watch is: something that can handle some adventure, looks great but isn’t flashy, and is made from quality materials.