Seiko Presage SRPG05 Watch Review: A Beautiful Watch with Another Crappy Seiko Bracelet

I had my eye on the Seiko Presage 60’s style watch for over a year, but no screw-down crown stopped me from even considering it…until I saw a price drop on Amazon and my addiction got the best of me. Again, I knew I shouldn’t buy and I was rewarded with another letdown in the Seiko lineup.

The Aesthetic Appeal: A Nod to Retro Charm First and foremost, the SRPG05 stands out with its striking blue dial, embodying a retro charm that catches the eye. The design is a classic Seiko, reliable and straightforward, without unnecessary frills. Its aesthetics are what drew me in initially, and in this aspect, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Bracelet Debacle: A Major Letdown However, the bracelet is a different story. For a watch retailing above $500, the quality of the bracelet is, frankly, unacceptable. It feels cheap and diminishes the overall experience of what could have been an exceptional watch. It’s baffling how Seiko, a brand known for its craftsmanship, could pair such a beautiful watch with a subpar bracelet.

A Field Watch Without the Essentials As someone constantly on the lookout for a robust field watch, the lack of a screw-down crown in the SRPG05 is a significant drawback. This omission questions its suitability as a true field watch, as it compromises the watch’s durability and water resistance – essential features for any outdoor or rugged use.

The Luminosity: Fades Too Soon While the lume on the SRPG05 is initially bright, it quickly loses its luminosity. This aspect could be improved, especially for those who rely on their watch in low-light conditions.

Modifications for Personalization Unable to tolerate the poor-quality bracelet, I replaced it with a stretch NATO strap, which not only enhanced the comfort but also added a personal touch to the watch. This modification was necessary to continue enjoying the SRPG05.

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Final Thoughts The Seiko Presage SRPG05 is a watch with great potential, marred by a few significant shortcomings. Its design and retro look are its strongest points, but the bracelet quality and lack of a screw-down crown are major letdowns. It’s a watch that gets the basics right, but misses the mark on the details that matter to enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

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