My Favorite Bertucci Watches | Durability Meets Style in Every Timepiece

Anyone who knows me is aware of my passion for Bertucci field watches. If you’re in the market for a durable quartz watch, Bertucci should be your first consideration. There are numerous reasons to admire these watches beyond their exceptional value; they also boast a stylish appearance on the wrist.

One of my favorite features, and arguably what Bertucci is most renowned for, is their fixed spring bars. Unlike traditional watches that use a fragile, tiny metal spring between the lugs to secure the strap, Bertucci watches feature a solid bar, integrated directly into the case, eliminating any potential for breakage.

This innovation significantly enhances the durability of the watch, setting it apart in the market.

Today, I want to share a few of my favorite Bertucci watches. Over the years, I’ve owned approximately 12 or 13 of them. When it comes to purchasing a birthday gift, the DX3 is my go-to choice. It’s available on Amazon for between $50 and $60, making it an excellent introductory watch for children.

Besides the watches themselves, Bertucci’s NATO straps deserve recognition. They are exceptionally sturdy and add a touch of coolness to the watch’s overall aesthetic. Below, I’ve listed some of my top picks from Bertucci’s collection.

A-3P Sportsman Vintage Field

First up on the list is the A-3P Sportsman Vintage Field watch. Priced at under $100, this timepiece is a standout offering. While I find all aspects of Bertucci watches commendable, I do wish the luminosity were slightly better.

However, their high-torque quartz movements ensure the watches are not only durable but also remarkably accurate. Plus, they are incredibly lightweight, which is a significant advantage.

The A-3P features a polycarbonate case that contributes to its minimal weight. When you’re out hiking or engaged in any adventure, the watch is so light that you’ll hardly remember it’s on your wrist.

If I had to point out one shortcoming, it would be the absence of a screw-down crown, which I believe could enhance the watch’s overall functionality.

A-11T Americana

Next on my list is the Bertucci A-11T Americana. My affection for titanium watches finds a perfect match in this model, crafted from a solid piece of titanium, complete with a screw-down titanium case back.

True to Bertucci’s reputation, the Americana features the brand’s signature integrated bars, enhancing its durability to impressive levels.

What captivates me the most about the A-11T Americana is its straightforward, utilitarian design. The black dial, adorned with white numerals and hands, exudes a rugged, down-to-earth vibe that I find incredibly appealing.

However, I do hold a minor reservation: I wish the luminosity were slightly better.

A notable upgrade in this model is the inclusion of a screw-down crown, enhancing its functionality. Additionally, many Bertucci watches, including this one, feature a signed crown – a subtle yet valuable touch that underscores the brand’s attention to detail and the overall value of their timepieces.

Bertucci A2-T Vintage

If there’s a watch on this list that could be deemed perfect, it’s the Bertucci A-2T Vintage. This timepiece is quite similar to the aforementioned Americana, albeit slightly smaller with a 42 mm diameter. What draws me to this watch is its classic military-style dial, featuring 24-hour numerals, graduated hash marks, and a traditional numeral track—all lending it a distinctive, utilitarian charm.

Notably, the A-2T Vintage holds a special place in my collection as it was the very first Bertucci watch I ever purchased. I’ve even conducted an in-depth review of it, which I’ll link to here.

The price of this watch can vary based on availability and the time of year, typically oscillating between $200 and $250. Regardless, securing this watch for under $250 is an absolute bargain. It’s a timepiece built to endure, one that I believe will last a lifetime.

Bertucci DX3 Field Watch

No rundown of Bertucci watches would be complete without highlighting the staple DX3 model. This watch, while basic, offers 50 m of water resistance, which is more than sufficient for any adventure. Like its siblings, it features a robust nylon NATO strap equipped with sturdy buckles.

The DX3 is available in various colors and styles; I own two variants, with the cream dial and black case being my favorite for its cool military aesthetic.

Priced around the $75 mark, the DX3 offers exceptional value. While many of us appreciate the Timex Expedition, investing a bit more in the DX3 yields a watch that promises to endure a lifetime.

These are bona fide timepieces designed for rugged activities—whether you’re hiking, backpacking, or engaging in vigorous outdoor activities, you can trust the DX3 to withstand the rigors without a hitch.

Bertucci A-6A Experior

As all Bertucci watches, the A-6A Exterior comes in several variants. I acquired my A-6A Experior a few years back and have been captivated by its design and functionality. This model is crafted from an aluminum case, maintaining the lightweight feel synonymous with Bertucci’s titanium models. However, the Experior stands out with its rounded case, offering a more traditional field watch style.

The watch’s legibility is excellent, featuring large numerals and hands, complemented by the high-torque quartz movement, which ensures a smooth sweep around the dial. The A-6A Experior is available in various versions, with some models paired with an exquisite Italian rubber NATO strap. I’ve even bought these straps separately to use with other watches, and I must say, they’re fantastic. It’s a game-changer if you’re a fan of NATO straps, enhancing both the look and comfort of the watch.

I’ve been eyeing a Bertucci GMT model for some time now and hope to add it to my collection in the upcoming weeks. So, stay tuned to see if this new addition earns a spot on my list.

As I conclude this discussion, I want to emphasize that you simply can’t go wrong with a Bertucci watch. They represent outstanding value and are incredibly durable, making them a wise choice for anyone seeking a reliable timepiece.