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Embark on your Everyday Carry adventure with our in-depth Start Here guide, thoughtfully designed for both beginners and experienced aficionados. In an era where readiness is imperative, we’ve simplified the core of EDC into a journey that’s both insightful and accessible.

Start Here: Discover the World of EDC

Welcome to the epicenter of Everyday Carry (EDC) culture, where preparedness meets practicality with a dash of style. At Tech Writer EDC, we cater to the enthusiast who sees the value in having the right tool for the right job, right in their pocket.

This is not just another EDC resource. It’s a comprehensive compendium designed to answer all your questions, spark your curiosity, and guide you through the fascinating world of Everyday Carry.

Every article, every guide, every review here serves a single purpose: to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to build an EDC kit that’s perfectly tailored to your life.

Whether you’re a seasoned EDC aficionado or new to the concept of carrying a curated selection of essentials, you’ve come to the right place.

Foundational Concepts and Essentials of EDC

Explore the core principles and essential items that define the Everyday Carry (EDC) philosophy. This section lays the groundwork for understanding the importance of being prepared and how EDC enhances efficiency, readiness, and personal style in daily life.

The Philosophy Behind EDC

Explore the philosophy of Everyday Carry (EDC), a mindset of readiness and self-reliance. This article unveils why EDC transcends mere items, embodying a lifestyle of preparedness and personal expression. Read The Article

What Are The Essentials Of EDC Gear

Learn what constitutes the essential gear for any EDC kit. This guide helps you identify the foundational tools and personal items necessary for facing daily challenges and unexpected situations with confidence. Read The Article

How To Make An EDC Toolkit

Discover how to compile a compact, yet comprehensive EDC toolkit. This article provides a step-by-step approach to selecting versatile and functional items, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario. Read The Article

Writing Instruments and Notebooks

Discover the significance of carrying a reliable pen and notebook as part of your EDC. This section reviews the best writing instruments designed for durability, functionality, and style, along with notebooks that withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Why You Should Always Carry A Pen

Uncover the practicality of having a pen at your fingertips. This piece highlights the unexpected moments and opportunities that make carrying a pen an essential part of your EDC. Read The Article

Best EDC Pens

Dive into the world of durable and stylish EDC pens. From sleek designs to rugged builds, find the perfect pen that combines functionality with personal flair. Read The Article

EDC Notebook Buying Guide

Choosing the right notebook for your EDC is crucial. This guide reviews the top notebooks designed for everyday carry, focusing on durability, size, and paper quality to suit every need. Read The Article

EDC Flashlights

Shed light on the critical role that portable illumination plays in EDC. Here, we highlight the top flashlights under $20 up to some heavy hitters, offering powerful lighting options that are both affordable and dependable for various scenarios.

Why You Always Need A Flashlight In Your EDC

Discover the critical reasons a flashlight should be an indispensable part of your everyday carry. This article illuminates the versatility and security that a reliable light source brings to various situations. Read The Article

Best EDC Flashlights Under $20

Find top-quality EDC flashlights that won’t break the bank. This guide showcases the best options available for under $20, combining affordability with performance and durability. Read The Article

EDC Knives and Tools

Dive into the world of EDC knives and tools, where functionality meets craftsmanship. From selecting the perfect EDC knife to exploring the best brands and models, this section covers everything you need to know about these essential tools.

EDC Knife Steel Guide

Explore the different types of steel used in EDC knives and understand their properties. This guide helps you choose the right steel for your needs, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Read The Article

Best Fixed Blade EDC Knives

Discover the top fixed blade knives for Everyday Carry. This selection focuses on reliability, ergonomic design, and versatility for those who prefer a sturdy, non-folding option. Read The Article

Best Pocketknives For Beginners

A beginner’s guide to choosing their first EDC pocketknife. Learn about the features to look for and the top models that offer a great blend of functionality and safety. Read The Article

Best Spyderco Knives For EDC

Dive into the world of Spyderco knives, renowned for their quality and innovative design. Find out which models stand out as the best picks for Everyday Carry. Read The Article

Best Kershaw Knives For EDC

Kershaw knives are known for their affordability and quality. This article highlights the best Kershaw models for EDC, combining functionality with sleek designs. Read The Article

101 Reasons You Need To Carry An EDC Knife

From practical applications to emergency situations, discover the myriad reasons why an EDC knife is an essential tool for everyday life. Read The Article

Best EDC Knives Under $50

Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Find the best EDC knives on the market for under $50, offering great value without compromising on performance. Read The Article

Best Budget EDC Knives: 25 Knives Under $35

Budget-friendly options for those looking to start or expand their EDC collection. This guide lists 25 knives under $35 that don’t skimp on quality. Read The Article

How To Pick An EDC Knife

Learn how to select the perfect EDC knife that meets your needs, lifestyle, and budget. This article covers everything from blade size to handle material. Read The Article

EDC Knife FAQ’s

Get answers to the most common questions about EDC knives, from maintenance to legal considerations. This FAQ section clears up any confusion for both newbies and seasoned carriers. Read The Article

Is A Swiss Army Knife Good For EDC

Evaluating the Swiss Army Knife as an EDC tool. Discover the benefits and versatility of carrying one of these iconic multitools in your daily setup. Read The Article

Should I Carry Pliers In My EDC

Consider the practicality and usefulness of including pliers in your EDC. This article discusses the scenarios where having pliers can come in handy. Read The Article


Multitools are the epitome of versatility in the palm of your hand. Learn how to choose multitools that cater to your specific needs, featuring the best options under $50 and insights into making the most of these compact, multi-functional devices.

Best EDC Multitools Under $50

Find the most efficient and reliable multitools for your EDC without overspending. This guide presents the top multitools available for under $50, ensuring you get the best value and functionality. Read The Article

How To Buy A Multitool

Navigate the world of EDC multitools with confidence. This article offers essential tips on selecting a multitool that fits your everyday needs, from size and tools to brand and budget considerations. Read The Article

Leatherman Schmeatherman: 25 Reasons Why This Multi-Tool Might Just Be Too Much of a ‘Good’ Thing

Take a lighthearted look at the iconic Leatherman multitool, exploring 25 reasons why it might be overkill for your EDC needs. From its plethora of tools to its rugged design, find out if this multitool is a match for your everyday carry or just too much of a good thing. Read The Article

EDC Watches

Timekeeping is an art and a necessity. This section delves into what to look for in an EDC watch, showcasing durable quartz and field watches that combine reliability with style, ensuring you’re always on time and prepared.

Best EDC Watches

Discover the top watches for Everyday Carry, combining durability, functionality, and style. This guide helps you choose a watch that not only keeps accurate time but also complements your EDC gear. Read The Article

What Should I Look For In An EDC Watch

Learn what features are crucial in an EDC watch, from water resistance to readability in the dark. This article outlines the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the perfect watch for your daily needs. Read The Article

Most Durable Quartz Watches

Explore the world of quartz watches known for their robustness and reliability. This selection focuses on models that offer exceptional durability, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily use. Read The Article

Best Field Watches

Field watches are designed for readability and resilience. Find out which models stand out as the best for everyday carry, offering a blend of historical charm and modern toughness. Read The Article

EDC Buying Guides and FAQ’s

Navigating the vast world of EDC gear can be daunting. This section provides comprehensive guides and FAQs to assist you in making informed decisions, from finding the best places to buy knives to understanding the intricacies of EDC essentials.

Best Place To Buy A Knife

Navigating where to purchase an EDC knife can be as crucial as choosing the knife itself. This guide reviews the best places to buy a knife, from online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring you get quality, variety, and value. Read The Article

A Journey That Grows With You

As you delve into the depths of Everyday Carry with us, remember that this journey doesn’t end here. Our dedication to the EDC community and to enthusiasts like you means that this page and our comprehensive list of guides, reviews, and insights are continually evolving.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the EDC world, ensuring that you have access to the latest information, the newest products, and the most innovative solutions to enhance your preparedness and efficiency. Our content is meticulously updated and expanded to reflect the changing landscapes of technology, gear, and the needs of our diverse audience.

So, bookmark this page, revisit often, and stay connected. Whether you’re looking for the latest in EDC tech, seeking to refine your kit with new additions, or simply curious about the evolving trends, know that this resource is your evergreen companion in the dynamic world of Everyday Carry.

Your EDC journey is unique, and we’re here to ensure that your path is enriched with the most current and comprehensive information. Together, let’s continue to explore, adapt, and grow in the ever-changing adventure of Everyday Carry.

Your adventure never truly ends; it evolves. Keep exploring with us.