Leatherman Schmeatherman: 25 Reasons Why This Multi-Tool Might Just Be Too Much of a ‘Good’ Thing

Ah, the Leatherman. The multi-tool that’s been the unsung hero of odd jobs worldwide and the bulging pocket companion of every self-respecting handy-person. Now, before you raise your pitchforks, let me confess: I’m the not-so-proud owner of no fewer than 12 Leathermans.

From the shiny new Leatherman Signal that promised to signal a new era in my tool-toting life, to my very first one that’s older than the vintage cheese in my fridge – I’ve seen them all. And yet, here I am, a veteran of foldable fix-its, questioning if these metal contortionists are really the household Hercules we make them out to be.

So, buckle up as we unfold (get it?) 25 reasons why your beloved Leatherman might just be an overrated star in the toolshed sky.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Sure, it can do everything… but does it do anything perfectly? That screwdriver is a far cry from my trusty standalone.

The Puzzle Master: Sometimes, using a Leatherman feels like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. “Now, which foldy bit was the can opener again?”

Unexpected Weightlifting: They say it’s portable, but sometimes it feels like you’re lugging around a miniature anvil in your pocket.

The Price of Being Handy: For the cost of one Leatherman, you could probably buy actual full-sized tools… or a decent smartphone.

Fashion Faux Pas: Nothing ruins the line of a good pair of pants like a bulky multi-tool in your pocket. Hello, unsightly bulge!

One-Handed Woes: Ever tried to open one of these with a single hand? Spoiler: It’s not pretty, especially if you’re holding onto a cliff with the other.

The Overpromise: It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a tool that promises to replace every other tool you own! (But doesn’t.)

The Under-Deliver: Can openers that struggle with cans, knives that challenge you to a dull-off… Efficiency seems questionable.

Socially Awkward: Nothing says “I’m fun at parties” like whipping out a 12-in-1 tool to open a bottle of beer.

The Intimidation Factor: Try not to look like a mad scientist as you unfold a complex array of sharp objects just to get to a pair of tweezers.

Lost in Translation: Instructions not included. Are you using the tools right? Who knows!

The Sound of Silence: Because nothing’s quieter than the jingle-jangle of a multi-tool in your pocket while you’re trying to move stealthily.

Maintenance Mayhem: Keeping one of these clean and functional is like having a pet. A metal, inanimate, unloving pet.

The One-Tool Curse: Lose it, and say goodbye to your screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, scissors… Should I go on?

Nail Breaker, Not Maker: You’ll need a real tool to fix your nails after you’ve tried prying one of these tools open.

The Space Debate: It’s compact, they said. It’ll save space, they said. But why does it feel like you’re carrying a whole toolbox?

Not-So-Sharp Thinking: That moment when your multi-tool knife couldn’t cut through hot butter.

The Complexity Conundrum: Sometimes you need a Ph.D. in Leatherman-ology just to figure out how to access the tool you need.

Pocket Predicaments: It fits in your pocket, sure. But so would a porcupine, and you wouldn’t carry that around, would you?

The Show-Off Factor: Nothing screams “I’m overly prepared” like pulling out a Leatherman to fix a minor issue.

Scissor Sorrow: Those tiny scissors couldn’t cut your losses, let alone anything substantial.

The Redundancy Riddle: How many screwdriver bits do you need for a simple task? Just one, not a choice of four.

Warranty Woes: The warranty is great until you have to mail in your tool and feel like you’ve lost an arm while it’s gone.

The Identity Crisis: Is it a tool? Is it a gadget? Is it a spaceship control panel? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

The Enigma of Need: You didn’t know you needed 12 different tools until Leatherman told you so. But do you, really?


While I’ve journeyed from the fresh-faced optimism of my first Leatherman purchase to the seasoned skepticism of my twelfth, these multi-faceted marvels have left me more tangled than their array of tools. Are they ingenious little gadgets?

Absolutely. Are they the be-all and end-all of tinkering triumphs? Probably not. In a world where we romanticize the convenience of cramming a toolbox into our pockets, maybe there’s something to be said for the humble, single-purpose tool that doesn’t require an instruction manual or a black belt in origami.

So, next time you reach for your trusty Leatherman, ask yourself: is it a true hero of handiness, or just a multi-tasking master of none? In the symphony of fix-it solutions, perhaps it’s time to appreciate the soloists, not just the one-man band.