EDC Knife | Discover the Best EDC Knives for Everyday Use!

Are you in search of the perfect everyday carry (EDC) knife? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the most important things to consider when choosing an EDC knife and provide you with a list of the top-rated EDC knives available on the market.

I have done a lot of EDC knife articles and reviews, today I am going to offer some of my personal favorite EDC Knives. These are not in any order particular order, just list for when someone says what knife should I buy!

Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Signature Knife with 2.90″ Flat-Ground Steel Blade and High-Strength Black FRN Handle – PlainEdge – C11FPBK
  • Wide Spectrum of Handle Colors: The Delica 4 now offers new vibrant tones including blue, green, brown, gray, orange, zome green, black and purple.
  • Superior Blade Steel: The blades are full flat-ground VG-10 Steel with a thinner highly refined cutting edge and a larger 13mm opening hole.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Inside the handle are dual skeletonized Stainless Steel liners which strengthen the knife without additional weight and double as an anchor for external and internal components to attach through generating more sturdiness.
Benchmade – Bugout 535 EDC Knife with Blue Grivory Handle (535)
  • Sport Type: Recreation
  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER: And incredibly tough; Ideal for hiking, camping, and backpacking, and made for everyday use; A lightweight, go-anywhere tool
  • FULLY AMBIDEXTROUS GRIVORY HANDLE: Has an ergonomic textured grip and is molded from glass-filled nylon for superior durability
Vosteed Small Folding Knife with 2.6” 14C28N Blade, Ultralight Pocket Knife for Men Women Gifts, Cross-Bar Lock EDC Knife with G10 Handle, Reversible Pocket Clip – Mini Nightshade
  • Small & Ultrallight: Made with a 2.6” blade, which is compliant with most knife laws. Small enough to slip into any shallow pockets. Only 1.8oz, it’s about the same weight as 6 coins. It’s an excellent option for staying in your pocket all day.
  • Special Blade Shape: Made from 14C28N, it offers a combination of durability, hardness, and impressive edge retention. With a tall leaf-shaped blade, Inspired by Shilin cutter. this mini Nightshade excels at slicing, cut ropes, open packages, or perform intricate tasks.
  • Comfortable Grip Handle: The G10 handle provides enhanced grip and control, even in wet and slippery conditions. Besides, it’s designed to be compact and easily fit into your pocket, making them convenient to carry wherever you go.
SENCUT Sachse Pocket Knife Folding Knife for EDC, Green Micarta Handle Black Stonewashed 9Cr18MoV Blade Foldable Small Knife with Clip, Button Lock Everyday Carry Knife for Men Women, Lightweight for Indoor Outdoor Gift S21007-2
  • 【High Quality】 Premium black stonewashed finished 9Cr18MoV blade offers you the smoothest using experience. Not easy to dull, rust, or break. Perfect for any use anywhere
  • 【Suitable Design】Comfortable micarta handle with reversible deep carry clip brings you a better hand feeling and the most portable carrying experience.
  • 【Ambidextrous Tool】SENCUT Sachse brings you a variety of opening methods. Ensuring a smooth and reliable opening and closing action.
Cold Steel SR1 Lite 8Cr14MoV Steel 4″ Clip Point Blade Griv-Ex Handle Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Locking Mechanism, Boxed
  • MILITARY-INSPIRED DESIGN -The SR1 Lite embodies Cold Steel’s commitment to functionality with its signature minimalist style; Stripped of unnecessary embellishments, this knife focuses solely on delivering practical design and reliable performance
  • EXCEPTIONAL BLADE CONSTRUCTION – The SR1 Lite knife maintains the robust functionality of its predecessor while being lighter on the wallet; This folding knife utilizes the 8Cr14MoV blade steel and remains reliable and ready for any task or adventure
  • GRIV-EX HANDLE – The SR1 Lite self-defense folding knife features a Griv-Ex expertly contoured handle with coarse-textured surface that ensures control during use and a comfortable, secure grip, even in challenging wet and cold conditions
BÖKER PLUS Kwaiken Air MINI – Minimalist, Pocket Friendly Feather Weight Daily Carry Pocket Knife, VG-10 Steel, Gentlemen’s Tactical Knife, Designed by Lucas Burnley (Cocobolo)
  • LEGENDARY KWAIKEN, LIGHTENED UP AND POCKET FRIENDLY: The Kwaiken Air Mini by Lucas Burnley extends the dynasty of the Kwaiken family by an elegant lightweight version with a smaller blade and overall profile – Straightforward, practical shape
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN: Clean lines, slim design and mini profile of this model have been optimized to the max for EDC. Open length just over 7 inches, blade length just 3 inches, discreet flipper tab for easy deployment and snappy action
  • BLADE: VG-10 Steel blade with integrated flipper tab secured with a linerlock for reliable lock, Satin Hairline Finish. Durable + easy to maintain VG-10 is a practical steel choice for hard users + collectors alike – easy sharpening and high hardness
Kershaw Misdirect Pocketknife; 2.9 in. 4Cr13 Black-Oxide Blackwash Finish Blade, Stainless Steel Stonewash Finish Handle Equipped with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Flipper and Frame Lock (1365)
  • Backed by the trusted name of Kershaw, the misdirect folding pocketknife is a value-priced, affordable, helpful tool for any job around the house and great for taking on outdoor adventures
  • With a closed length of 4-inches, overall length of 6. 8-Inches and a blade length of 2. 9-Inches, the misdirect is small enough to comfortably carry in pocket, bag, Pack, or Purse
  • Featuring a sturdy frame lock, 3-position pocket Clip for right and left tip-up or tip-down carry, speed Safe Assisted opening and a flipper, the misdirect is a convenient pocket companion
CIVIVI Elementum II Pocket Folding Knife, 2.96″ Nitro-V Steel Blade G10 Handle Utility Knife with Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Camping Hiking Hunting C18062P-1
  • Rapidly and safely deploy the blade and is secured in place via a button lock, so you can cut and slice with confidence.
  • This pocket knife is easy to use, suitable for all adults, also can be a nice gift to a friend whether they’re into knives or not. Its excellent sharp blade and handle style effectively perform everyday tasks.
  • Lightweight handle offers a secure grip, fits comfortablely in hand, knife with a deep carry pocket clip for right handed carry.

Legal Considerations

Before purchasing an EDC knife, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the local laws regarding pocket knives. Some countries, states, and cities have specific regulations against carrying certain types of blades. Ensure that the knife you choose is legal to carry in the places you frequent.

Blade Material

The blade material is a vital factor to consider when selecting an EDC knife. Look for a blade made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials such as high-carbon stainless steel or titanium. These materials ensure that your knife remains sharp and reliable even after prolonged use.

Handle Material

The handle of your EDC knife plays a significant role in its overall performance and comfort. Opt for handles made of materials like titanium, G-10, carbon fiber, micarta, or reinforced polymers. These materials offer excellent grip and durability, making your knife easier to handle in various situations.

Size and Portability

When choosing an EDC knife, size matters. It should be compact and lightweight enough to carry comfortably in your pocket or on your belt. Avoid knives that are too big, bulky, or heavy, as they may hinder your ability to carry them conveniently on a daily basis.

Practicality and Versatility

An EDC knife should be practical and versatile, capable of handling various tasks. Whether you need it for opening boxes, preparing food, or engaging in outdoor activities like hunting or fishing, choose a knife that suits your specific needs.

Quality and Durability

Your EDC knife is an essential tool that you will use frequently. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality, durable product that can withstand regular use. Look for reputable brands known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Safe and Responsible Use

Using an EDC knife requires caution and care. Always remember to use your knife away from your body and handle it responsibly. Keep the blade sharp and clean, and store it securely when not in use.


When it comes to choosing the best EDC knife, it’s essential to consider legal requirements, blade and handle materials, size and portability, practicality and versatility, as well as quality and durability. By following these guidelines and exploring the top-rated options, you can find the perfect EDC knife that meets your needs and enhances your everyday carry experience.

Benefits of carrying an EDC knife

The benefits of carrying an EDC knife are numerous and essential for anyone looking to be prepared for everyday tasks. An EDC knife is the best tool to have on hand, as it can be carried in your pocket or on a keychain, making it easily accessible at all times.

These folding knives are perfect for everyday carry and come with high-quality blades made from stainless steel, such as 440c, D2, S45VN, M390, N690, and more. Carrying an EDC knife ensures that you’ll always have a reliable cutting tool by your side.

Whether you need to open packages, cut rope or perform any other daily cutting task, an EDC knife has got you covered. With brands like Taleofknives, Bladeworks Böker Nothingbutknives 533BK CF G10 Kizer Spyderco Magnum Chris Reeve featured in our collection of top-quality products. These compact tools are designed with a minimalist approach but offer maximum functionality. They come with sheaths or clips for easy carrying and removal when needed.