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Condor Knife & Tool Amalgam Machete

The Condor Amalgam Machete is a versatile and durable tool perfect for any outdoor adventure. With its 1075 high carbon steel blade and ergonomic walnut handle, this machete can tackle tough cutting tasks with ease. Its well-balanced design and included leather sheath make it a reliable choice for my bushcraft needs.

I’ve discussed the Condor Amalgam Machete previously, and it’s likely appeared on my “best machete” list multiple times. However, I must emphasize that this tool is truly exceptional.

Its prowess isn’t immediately apparent from its photo, given its somewhat uniquely shaped blade. Yet, among my collection of machetes, if I were forced to choose only one, this machete would undoubtedly rank in my top five, a testament to its lasting value.

The design of the blade, particularly its slightly heavier front end, transforms it into a formidable chopper—truly a beast in its category. Having owned it for a year or two, I now wish I had acquired it sooner.

I recall watching Joe Flowers on YouTube, particularly in a Shot Show video from a few years back, discussing this very machete. His enthusiasm and humor when talking about the machetes he’s designed are infectious.

Though he has designed many, and I’d love to own each one, if there’s a single machete to choose for serious tasks—be it yard work at home or rigorous activities while camping or in the forest—the Condor Amalgam Machete is the one I recommend.

Attaching a piece of paracord as a lanyard and regularly oiling the blade will ensure its longevity, serving you well for years.

Esee 4 Survival Knife

The Esee 4 Survival Knife is a rugged and dependable fixed-blade knife that’s built to last. Crafted from high-quality 1095 carbon steel, this knife features a full-tang construction and a comfortable Micarta handle. Its 4.5-inch drop-point blade is ideal for a wide range of bushcraft tasks, from feather sticking to batoning. The included Kydex sheath ensures safe and secure carry.

I have a strong penchant for fixed blade knives; they’re scattered throughout my garage and workshop. Whenever I’m engaged in tasks around the house, a fixed blade is invariably the first knife I reach for. Given the choice, I gravitate towards my Esee4 or Esee6—both are simply outstanding knives, offering exceptional value for the price. Additionally, I’m quite enthusiastic about cars and appreciate the linen handles on these knives. They add a touch of class and functionality that’s hard to beat. In summary, you simply can’t go wrong with these knives.

Stanley Hip Flask

The Stanley Hip Flask is a classic and stylish way to carry your favorite beverage on your outdoor adventures. Made from durable stainless steel, this 8-ounce flask features a slim design that easily fits in your pocket or pack. The secure screw-down cap prevents leaks, making it a reliable choice for sipping around the campfire.

Spyderco Endura4 FRM Serrated

The Spyderco Endura4 FRM Serrated is a highly capable folding knife that excels in both bushcraft and everyday carry. Its VG-10 stainless steel blade features a combination edge, providing both smooth and serrated cutting options. The fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle offers a secure grip, while the four-position pocket clip allows for versatile carry options.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or checking out my pictures on Pinterest, you might be wondering if I ever carry anything besides a Spyderco folding knife. Honestly, the answer is mostly no. Spyderco knives are my absolute favorites. Give me a Delica or an Endura any day—they epitomize excellence in folding knives. They’re straightforward, durable, fit comfortably in the hand, and feature great blade steel. Even considering today’s prices, they still offer good value. Sure, they’ve become pricier over the years, but compared to some high-end Benchmades and other Spydercos, they’re a real bargain.

Over time, I’ve grown to prefer a smooth blade, but deep down, I still hold a special fondness for a serrated edge. When you’re cutting rope or dealing with tough materials out in the woods, a serrated blade is unbeatable. I get that they’re a hassle to sharpen, but in an emergency, I believe they’ll perform far better.

Maglite XL50

The Maglite XL50 is a compact and powerful LED flashlight that’s perfect for navigating the outdoors at night. With its 200-lumen output and adjustable beam focus, this flashlight provides ample illumination for various tasks. The rugged aluminum body and pocket clip make it a durable and convenient addition to my bushcraft kit.

I own a plethora of flashlights, and I frequently receive new ones to review. However, there’s something uniquely appealing about the simplicity of my Maglite that uses AAA batteries and consistently functions without a hitch. While it may not be the brightest flashlight on the market, its long battery life and exceptional durability stand out. I’ve dropped and banged it numerous times, yet it has never failed me.

Leatherman PS Keychain Tool

The Leatherman PS Keychain Tool is a miniature multi-tool that packs a punch despite its small size. Featuring pliers, wire cutters, a bottle opener, and multiple screwdriver bits, this tool is perfect for quick repairs and adjustments on the go. Its compact design allows it to easily attach to your keychain or zipper pull for everyday convenience.

Bertucci DX3 Field Watch

The Bertucci DX3 Field Watch is a rugged and reliable timepiece designed for outdoor enthusiasts. With its durable 40mm stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and Swiss quartz movement, this watch can withstand the rigors of bushcraft activities. The nylon band is comfortable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for extended trips in the field.

I recently penned an article highlighting my favorite Bertucci watches, and the Bertucci DX3 Field Watch is a standout on that list. I firmly believe there’s no quartz watch more durable or superior in the under $75 price range. If you’re in need of a straightforward, resilient watch that can withstand the rigors of camping or backcountry adventures, the DX3 is your best bet. As I’ve mentioned in that article and other reviews, when it comes to selecting gifts for occasions like birthday parties or graduation ceremonies, the DX3 is my go-to choice.

Procamptek Fast Fire Stick

The Procamptek Fast Fire Stick is an innovative fire-starting tool that simplifies the process of getting a campfire going. This magnesium fire starter features a built-in striker and a cotton ball holder, allowing you to quickly create a reliable tinder bundle. Its compact size and included lanyard make it easy to carry and access when you need it most.

Sportneer Mapping Compass

The Sportneer Mapping Compass is an essential tool for navigating the wilderness. This high-quality compass features a clear baseplate with a rotating bezel, making it easy to take accurate bearings and plot your course on a map. The included lanyard and carrying case ensure that your compass is always ready for your next bushcraft adventure.