Umarex Ruger Mark IV Review: A Top Airgun Choice for Precision Shooting

Precision and Performance In A Simple Break Barrel Design

This past weekend, some of my kids and I were out Christmas shopping, and we stopped into our local Tractor Supply to see what kind of holiday stuff they had. We were not disappointed! Besides all the cheap beef jerky we could carry, I stumbled upon the Mark IV for $50!! Christmas at Tractor Supply is a fantastic experience; every square inch is filled with dumb boxes of stuff you don’t need but want…hence the Ruger Mark IV!

After shooting the Mark IV for the entire weekend, I am ready to share my insights on the Umarex Ruger Mark IV 177 Air Pistol. This comprehensive review is designed to serve those seeking a reliable, classic pellet pistol for various purposes, from family shooting traditions to recreational use. We’ll cover its precision, comfort, and performance, guide you through the essentials, and navigate any purchase restrictions. Let’s delve into the world of Umarex Ruger Mark IV together.


The Umarex Ruger Mark IV pays homage to the rich history of the Ruger family with the classic Mark series pistols, which have been a cornerstone of Ruger design for well over 50 years.

The Umarex Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol is a true homage to the iconic Ruger design, applying the time-honored tradition of Ruger’s classic Mark series pistols to your family’s air gun collection.

Umarex is paying homage to this cornerstone of firearm history by bringing the Ruger design to life in the form of an air gun. This single-shot, break barrel design with one-stroke cocking is a spring-operated pistol, adding to the allure of a traditional shooting experience.

The pistol, available in .177 cal, maintains the family-friendly aspect of airsoft and BB guns while embodying the spirit of a fun plinker. The grips, with a combination of smooth and checkered textures, allow for a comfortable and secure hold, ensuring an enjoyable shooting experience for all skill levels.

The fiber optic front sight enhances accuracy, making it a reliable target pistol for both seasoned shooters and beginners alike.

The Umarex Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol should be stocked up with plenty of pellets and targets because you are going to need them with this entertaining air gun. With a rifled barrel providing precision and a velocity of 360 fps, this pistol is part of the well-established tradition of Ruger’s time-honored design.

Whether you’re a fan of the .177 cal or .22 original version, this series of pistols has been popular for well over 50 years, and the Umarex version continues to carry the legacy forward. Whether you’re introducing a new generation to the joys of shooting or simply looking for a reliable and fun addition to your collection, the Umarex Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol is a low-maintenance, single-shot break barrel design that combines the classic charm of Ruger with the convenience of air gun technology.

Umarex Ruger Mark IV Airgun Features

One can’t help but admire the standout features of the Ruger Mark IV as we examine its sturdy metal construction and precise adjustable sights.

 This Umarex Ruger Mark IV makes a bold statement with its robust build, assuring longevity and resilience against wear and tear. The air pistol is not only durable but also offers impressive performance with characteristics that closely mirror the Ruger Mark IV rimfire pistol.

When it comes to precision, the Ruger Mark IV doesn’t disappoint. The adjustable rear sight aids in attaining an accurate point of aim, making it a reliable choice for both novice and veteran shooters. Furthermore, the pellet pistol is designed with a front sight featuring a dull fiber optic insert, assisting in better target acquisition.

However, it’s worth noting that the pistol’s trigger performance may require some getting used to, given its somewhat inconsistent pull weight. Despite this, the Ruger Mark IV continues to shine with its single-shot, break-barrel action, eliminating any worry of recoil or a blowback effect.

The gun is a little tricky to cock with the short barrel, and cocking the gun is a little heavy for younger shooters or if you’re lacking in hand strength.

Accuracy and Performance

When it comes to the Umarex Ruger Mark IV’s accuracy and performance, we’re certainly in for a treat.

This licensed replica of the Ruger Mark series exceeds expectations, demonstrating impressive accuracy that’s rare for a firearm reproduction air pistol. It’s not just about the accuracy; the performance is commendable, too. It outperforms the maximum Muzzle Velocity claim of 320 FPS, showcasing its prowess.

The adjustable fiber-optic sights further enhance accuracy, making it an ideal choice for plinking and recreational shooting. We noticed a remarkable consistency in Muzzle Velocity, with a slight deviation across test pellets, reaffirming the Umarex Ruger Mark IV’s reliability.

However, we must mention the accuracy and performance varied with different types of pellets. With H&N Green pellets at 6 and 10 yards, the performance was less than satisfactory. The best results were achieved with RWS MK 4.49 pellets at both distances.

The trigger pull, an important aspect of any pistol, is well-balanced, allowing for precision in every shot. It’s a dependable and fun addition to any shooting activity.

Pellet / BB Compatibility

Moving on to pellet compatibility, we’ve found that the Umarex Ruger Mark IV shows varying performance with different types of pellets.

This pellet pistol, with its smooth operating break barrel, works well with a range of pellet types, but the performance can fluctuate.

The Ruger Mark seems to offer the best results when paired with heavier grain lead pellets. These pellets appear to enhance the pistol’s inherent accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those seeking precision in their shooting. However, lighter pellets aren’t without their benefits – they can increase the muzzle velocity, providing a flatter trajectory for those trickier long-distance shots.

It’s also important to note that the Ruger Mark IV’s break barrel design contributes significantly to its pellet compatibility. Its single-load mechanism allows for easy and consistent loading of a variety of pellet types, enhancing its versatility. This is a key feature for those who enjoy experimenting with different types of pellets for varying shooting scenarios.

Safety Mechanisms

Although it’s a powerful tool, we’ve noticed that the Ruger Mark IV doesn’t skimp on safety features.

First, I will complain here that I can not stand all the automatic safety features in the new airguns and the Mark IV is no exception. Every time you cock the gun, it engages the safety, I am not a fan of that.

This classic Ruger style, as analyzed in our Umarex Ruger Mark IV review, combines a strong shooting performance with well-thought-out safety mechanisms.

The safety lever, which automatically engages when the pistol is cocked, is a key component of the Ruger design. By applying this feature, the Ruger Mark IV takes a significant step toward user safety, minimizing the chance of accidental discharges.

While the right side of the lever is purely aesthetic, the operational left side is easily accessible for quick engagement or disengagement.

In addition to the safety lever, the Ruger Mark IV is equipped with an automatic/manual thumb safety. This added security measure provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the pistol is only fired when the user intends it to be. This feature, along with the automatic safety lever, exemplifies Ruger’s commitment to prioritizing safety without compromising performance. Again, something I don’t like!

We’ve found that these safety mechanisms, coupled with the option of adding weight to the grips for improved balance, make the Ruger Mark IV a reliable, safe choice for shooters of all levels.

Handling and Comfort

In our experience with the Umarex Ruger Mark IV, we’ve found its handling and comfort to be noteworthy features of this air pistol.

Despite its lighter weight, the sturdy feel of the Ruger Mark IV combined with its secure grip and ridged plastic barrel surround offers a level of comfort that enhances the overall shooting experience.

The adjustable rear sight, boasting a fiber optic feature, contributes significantly to its precise handling. This feature, coupled with its prominent front sight, makes the Ruger Mark easy to cock with little effort required, further improving the handling and comfort.

However, it’s worth noting that the heavy trigger pull weight and lack of recoil or blowback effect when firing can be challenging for some shooters.

The single-shot, break-barrel action of the Ruger Mark might deviate from the genuine semi-autos, but its realistic feel and impressive accuracy, as highlighted in our Umarex Ruger Mark IV review, compensate for this.

While the airgun doesn’t come with wood grips, the provided grip offers a secure and comfortable hold, enhancing the handling and comfort. Despite some shortcomings, the Ruger Mark IV stands as a reliable and comfortable choice for both recreational and more serious shooters.

Optics and Sights

We’ve noticed that the Ruger Mark IV comes with two adjustable fiber-optic sights, enhancing its accuracy and ease of use.

The optics and sights are crucial components in any firearm or airgun, significantly influencing the performance and shooting experience.

The rear sight on the Umarex Ruger Mark IV is adjustable, allowing for precise windage and elevation modifications to accomplish an accurate point of aim. Its similarity to the Competition rimfire pistol’s sights further enhances the Ruger Mark’s accuracy. The front sight, equipped with a dull fiber optic insert, also contributes to its exceptional precision.

However, despite the commendable consistency in muzzle velocity, which exceeds the manufacturer’s claim, the trigger performance is somewhat inconsistent. This issue can impact the overall accuracy and consistency of the Ruger Mark, especially for new shooters or those using it for precision shooting.

In our review, the barrel’s design and the optics and sights set up on the Ruger Mark IV make it an excellent choice for target shooting and plinking. However, the heavy trigger pull weight is an area where potential improvements could be made to further enhance the user’s shooting experience.

If you want a fun and inexpensive pellet pistol, the Umarex Ruger Mark IV 177 Air Pistol stands as a top contender in the world of budget air pistols. It’s accurate, reliable, and comfortable to handle. This pistol’s safety mechanisms are solid, ensuring a secure shooting experience.

Remember, it’s essential to keep it stocked with compatible pellets. We believe it’s a fantastic choice for family traditions and recreational shooting. Always remember to follow all shipping restrictions and age requirements.