Seiko Prospex Alpinist GMT SPB377 Review: A Mesmerizing Blend of Style and Function

If you have read any of my other watch reviews, you know I love my Seiko watches, and they represent a large part of my watch collection. They are just an excellent brand with something for everyone. However, I am not blind to their faults and have mentioned them here before, such as their junky bracelets and quality control issues.

But today is not a day of complaints; it’s the opposite. The SEIKO SPB377 Alpinist GMT is one heck of a beautiful watch that has genuinely captivated my attention. It’s not just another addition to Seiko’s vast catalog; it’s a standout piece that commands admiration.

Striking Aesthetics: Love at First Sight The first thing that strikes you about the SPB377 is its stunning blue dial. Seiko has outdone itself here, creating a visual appeal that’s both elegant and vibrant. The blue Alpinist GMT is nothing short of a masterpiece in design, making it one of the most beautiful Seiko watches I’ve ever owned.

Of all my Seiko watches, only my green dial baby Alpinist comes as close to being this good-looking. Perhaps the green dial SPB155 just might edge out this blue dial GMT in the looks department, but not by much.

The Strap Swap: Personalizing for Perfection While the watch itself is a marvel, the original blue leather deployment strap didn’t do it justice. In my opinion, it gave the watch an outdated look, reminiscent of the 70’s, in a bad way. I swapped it for a blue and red NATO strap to bring out its true potential. This simple change transformed the SPB377, enhancing its sporty character and making it feel more contemporary and dynamic.

Wearability: The Seiko Prospex SPB377 is the epitome of a wrist monster, at least for me. The 40mm case is just right for my 6.5″ wrist. I have worn it a lot since getting it from Arizona Fine Time. If you want a Seiko, check with them first! The SPb377 has accompanied me on business meetings, date nights, and even working around the yard. With its historical roots in mountaineering, you know the watch can handle some adventure, but it has a slightly elegant look that makes you think you need to baby it a little.

With a Seiko 6R54 inside, you know the watch will be robust. The upgraded movement is one of the reasons for the higher asking price on the SPB377, but if you do shell out your hard-earned money, you are at least rewarded with a watch that has 72 hours of power reserve! In addition to the power reserve, the GMT models have a higher degree of finishing, which you can see through the see-through case back. The rotor is gold-toned and the mainspring is a SPRON 510, the same one found on some Grand Seikos!

The Price Point: A Decision for the Devoted At over $1,100, the SPB377 is an investment. It’s a price point that requires a bit of love for the Seiko brand. For the die-hard Seiko enthusiasts, this watch is a no-brainer. Its beauty and functionality justify the expense. However, it might warrant a second thought for those who weigh practicality more heavily. If you are Seiko crazy, then you need this watch in your collection.

The Missed Opportunity: Yearning for a Bracelet One aspect where I feel the SPB377 could have truly excelled is the option of a bracelet. The watch’s elegance and design scream for the addition of a high-quality bracelet, which would have elevated its appeal even further. You can get a bracelet on the Alpinist GMT SPB409 with the silver dial does come on a bracelet.

It’s a shame Seiko doesn’t offer it as an option on the other colorways. I hope Strapecode or Uncle Straps will make a bracelet upgrade for the GMT! I still don’t understand why manufactures skip out on making a nice bracelt. Have you ever tried a Christopher Ward? For the same price they have amazing bracelets on their watches. You know Seiko could do it if hey really wanted too.

Final Verdict: A Timepiece to Adore The Seiko Prospex Alpinist GMT SPB377 is a watch that’s hard to take your eyes off. Its mesmerizing blue dial, coupled with the functionality of a GMT, makes it a unique and desirable piece. While the strap and price point might give some pause, for those who fall in love with its charm, these become mere details in the face of its overall magnificence.