Flatlay Breakdown #20

Easwing Tomahawk

I’ve been sifting through my phone lately, trying to organize and save old pictures, and I’m amazed at how many cool shots I’ve taken over the years. Today’s throwback is from 2021, featuring an all-black flat lay I created for my Instagram account. It was a hit, especially the Eastwing Tomahawk, which took center stage.

However, I have to admit, despite its popularity, it’s a terrible hatchet. It’s neither suitable for chopping nor cutting wood; its only forte is looking cool. It’s supposedly ideal for sportsmen and military personnel, but I can’t vouch for that as I’m neither. The hatchet does have a metal spike on the other side, which I’ve used to lodge into logs for dragging, but beyond its aesthetic appeal, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it.

Screwdriver & Fixed-Blade

Moving on, I want to spotlight the Picqic Tools Teeny Turner at the bottom of the photo. It’s one of the niftiest little multi-bit screwdrivers around. Then there’s the Cold Steel SRK—a fantastic choice if you’re in the market for an excellent fixed-blade knife for everyday carry or bushcraft. It’s affordable, and while some might not like the lack of an exposed tang for pounding, the Kraton handle is quite impressive.

Included in the flat lay are Gerber MP600 multi-tool pliers, which are pretty handy. I have reviewed them in depth here. I’m not always a multi-tool fan, but these are about as good as it gets for value and usability.

Another standout is the Phoibos dive watch. Sadly, they’re no longer in production. This all-black watch, with its striking white hands and numerals, was sent to me by Phoebus for a review a few years back, and I adore how it stands out, especially with the Richie quick-release rubber straps.

Adjacent to the watch is the Exotac-sleeved Bic lighter – an ingenious accessory that waterproofs a standard lighter and allows continuous flame. It’s a must-have for me in the wilderness, alongside a headlamp. While I always carry a flashlight, a headlamp’s practicality can’t be overstated.

ColdSteel Recon Tanto

For folding knives, I’ve included a Cold Steel Recon with a Tanto blade. These knives are rugged, efficient, and offer incredible value. I purchased mine for less than $60 a few years back, and it’s been an outstanding tool.

Water key Silcock

Lastly, the four-way wrench in the picture often raises eyebrows. It’s a utility tool designed to operate outdoor faucets and spigots, particularly useful in urban settings where access might be restricted to prevent misuse. While some question its presence in my gear, it’s an invaluable tool for accessing water in emergencies, illustrating its practicality beyond mere survival scenarios.


Of course, I always carry a bundle of paracord. Let me emphasize: never leave home without at least 500 feet of some type of cord. You never know when you might need some rope—be it to tie a Christmas tree to your car, lash items together, create a sling, secure a broken car door, or any number of unforeseen needs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve found myself in need of some string or cord while out and about. So, I always make sure to have paracord on hand, at least 500 feet of it, because it’s incredibly versatile and indispensable in a variety of situations.