Knipex Mini Cobra Pilers


What needs to be said, I mention these guys in every EDC article! Elevate your toolkit with the KNIPEX 87 01 125 Cobra Pliers, a new-in-box essential for precision and durability.

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The KNIPEX 87 01 125 Cobra Pliers, your go-to tool for unmatched precision and reliability in any task. These pliers, while new and in their original packaging, come from a supplier that is not an authorized retailer, ensuring you receive an authentic, untouched product at a competitive price. The KNIPEX Cobra Pliers are renowned for their exceptional design, offering a comfortable grip, ergonomic handling, and the durability KNIPEX is known for. Whether for professional use or personal projects, these pliers adapt to various applications, providing you with a versatile tool that meets the highest standards of performance and quality.

*This item is in “like new” or “new in box” condition and potentially was used only for product photography or similar tasks. As we are not an authorized retailer, we must list it as “used.”