What Is The Best Painter’s Tool To Buy?

A good painter’s tool is an indispensable item around the house. These multi-purpose tools stand out as versatile companions that can simplify your painting endeavors and so much more. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, investing in a high-quality painter’s tool can save you time, effort, and frustration throughout your painting projects.

In this round-up, we will delve into the key features, functionalities, and performance of different multi-purpose painter’s tools available on the market. We will assess their ability to handle tasks such as scraping, spreading, puttying, cleaning, and opening paint cans, among others. Additionally, we will consider factors like build quality, ease of use, grip comfort, and overall value for money.

Level 5 9-In-1 – Overall Winner

9-In-1 Painter’s Tool – LEVEL5 | Multi-Use Knife, Hardened Carbon Steel | Metal Hammer End | Pro-Grade Finishing Tools | 5-200
  • PLEASE NOTE: This professional finish tool features a high carbon steel blade. It requires proper care and storage or it will corrode/rust (see care instructions in description below).
  • PREMIUM QUALITY | Heavy duty, rigid high-carbon steel blade with full tang through the handle. Hardened and tempered to stay sharp for a long service life. Laquered for corrosion resistance. Lightweight, solvent resistant, nylon handle ergonomically designed for all day use with minimal fatigue. Large hang hole.
  • THE ULTIMATE 9-IN-1 MULTI TOOL | Straight scraper, curved scraper (concave and convex), gouger, paint roller cleaner, can opener, bottle opener, nail puller, screwdriver, hammer.
  • BUILT TO LAST | Our tools are built for reliable, daily use on the job site.
  • GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE | Our finishing tools are developed by professionals for professionals and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If for ANY reason you aren’t pleased with your purchase of this 9-In-1 Painter’s Tool, returns through Amazon are easy.

The LEVEL5 9-in-1 Multi-tool is capable of being used as a compound scraper, screwdriver, roller cleaner, bottle opener, and more. This is your “go-to” hand tool with a polished carbon steel blade for longer durability.

It is always at the top of every “best painter tool” list and with good reason, it gets the job done at a fair price. Once you get over the $10 mark, I am starting to expect more from a tool. The Level5 delivers. This device is truly a game-changer. It does everything that it is supposed to do, and then some.

I found this one when scrolling through YouTube and saw a video from The Honest Carpenter. He loved it and so do I. I have started to include these in my EDC and Bugout bags.

One standout feature is the larger hang hole. This may sound insignificant but I am a super organized guy and hand many tools on a pegboard. The handle hole will fit over a traditional curved peg and slide all the way to the back.

Some users on Amazon complained that it wasn’t as stiff or strong as it should be. I am not sure what they mean because I have pried on stubborn nails with this and didn’t think it flexed more than any other painter tool in the test.

Bates Classic 10-in-1 – The Runner Up

Bates- Paint Scraper, 10 in 1 Painters Tool, Paint Scrapers for Wood, Painters Tool, Painters Knife, Paint Scraper for Painting, Putty Knife, Metal Scraper, Spackle Tool, Putty Scraper, Knife Scraper
  • Bates paint scraper tool 10 in 1 easy to use and convenient.
  • A must have tool in your home, Rust-resistant steel blade with wood grip designed .
  • This is a multi purpose tool and is ideal for home improvement projects like applying joint compound, puttying windows, scraping paint, removing loose putty, removing loose paint, removing vinyl or paper wall covering.
  • Patching dents cracks holes in plaster with soft grip designed to last for long jobs without hand discomfort
  • Package includes: 10 in 1 paint scraper tool

Of all the painters tools this one was my favorite but I was voted down to make it the top winner. What made it the clear winner to me was the sharp curved blade on the back. This is a super useful option and you can use it to cut way more stuff than just calk and a few boxes. The Bates Classic even has the ability to be used as a can opener. I didn’t try that but in a pinch it would seem possible that it could be done. For $6 you get great construction and some heritage. The Bates Classic has been around for over 50 years.

The handle of the Rustproof steel blade is made of wood, and it may be used for several things at once. This is a multi-purpose tool that may be utilized for a variety of home renovation activities such as applying joint compound, puttying windows, scraping paint, removing loose putty, removing loose paint, removing vinyl or paper wall covering, patching dents and cracks in plaster.

Red Devil 7-in-1 6295 EZ Grip

Red Devil 6251 EZ Grip 7-in-1 Multi-Purpose Painter’s Tool, 6 Pack
  • High-carbon steel blades
  • Blade extends through handle
  • Ergonomically engineered grip
  • Maximum strength and durability
  • Brass-plated and solid steel nail setting head

The EZ GRIP Series of putty knives, wall scrapers, and taping knives were created with an ergonomically contoured handle to minimize hand fatigue. The handles are made out of extra robust, high carbon steel and the blades are resistant to rust and extend through them for maximum strength and longevity. The tough brass-plated solid steel nailing head can be used for nail setting and other hammering tasks. The only downside I see is the blade is not a “full-tang” meaning it doesn’t run all the way through the handle. I don’t think this guy will hold up to severe prying.

Amazon Basics 14-IN-1

Amazon Basics 14-IN-1 Soft Grip Painters Tool with Hammer End and 2 Driver Bits, 3″, one pack, Black
  • Sturdy blade: 3-inch-wide blade works well for spreading, scraping, chiseling, and more; made of high carbon steel for reliable strength
  • Versatile: includes a crack opener, nail puller, convex and concave scrapers, 1/4- and 3/8-inch nut wrenches, #8-10 slotted screwdriver bit, #2 Phillips screwdriver bit, bit holder, bottle opener, paint-can opener, and roller cleaner
  • Soft-grip handle: offers a secure, comfortable hold
  • Hammer end: can be used to set nails in drywall or drive in loose or extended nails
  • Durable construction and warranty: consists of 25% polypropylene, 10% TPR, 55% carbon steel, and 10% zinc; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

One of the cheapest 14-in1 painter’s tool around. This one has a soft handle so it’s better for long periods of scraping but not as good for hammering. This equipment is perfect for all painting and related tasks. One tool with well-considered characteristics. Versatile and useful tool.

The feel and appearance of this one is fantastic. The tiny screw bits sit firmly, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they fall out at some point. A magnet in the bit holder on top of the grip keeps them in place.

The other downside to the bit holder is that the grip end can’t be used to knock (e.g. to close paint cans) as if it would be solid. It’s a personal preference if that’s something to have or not. I don’t think I really need it.

My biggest complaint, however, is that the rubber grip isn’t oil resistant. After cleaning my tools, I frequently wipe them with WD40 and the rubber quickly becomes soft and sticky. Being a tool for painters it should be able to stand up to some chemicals and harsher environments. But again, it’s one of the cheapest ones out there.

Warner Pro Grip 8-in-1

Warner Manufacturing Warner Tool 10173 PROGRIP 8-in-1, 10/Counter Display, 90173, Multicolor
  • PROGRIP 8-in-1, 10/Counter Display, #90173
  • We call it the Warner Way. We’re SMARTER, STRONGER AND BETTER at making tools and giving our customers the support they need to be successful.
  • Our tools are made to last by a skilled team of hard-working men and women who take pride in building quality into every product

From personal experience, I can tell you that there are many different types of 5 in 1s. This is far and above my favorite. Rubberized handle, hard plastic pommel. Unlike other brands, the pommel does not/will not come off or fall off when struck with a fist. With acetone, the rubber handle cleans up nicely and does not harm the plastic. I enjoy using it every day and decided to purchase another for my home as a result of my positive experience. I work in many settings where polyurethanes and other solvents are used.

Hyde 8-in-1

HYDE 06988 Stiff 8-in-1 Multi-Tool, 1 Count (Pack of 1), White
  • Superior grip has over mold cushioning for prolonged patching jobs
  • Made from high quality materials and highly durable
  • Manufactured in China
  • 3-Inch 8 -in-1 stiff pro stainless multi-tool
  • Heavy-duty multi-tool with 3-Inch stiff rust-resistant steel scraper blade

Obliviously all these multitools do the same thing. What sets them apart is the build quality. I was partial to the Hyde because of how stiff it was compared to some others. The cushioned grip fit well in my hand. When it comes to scraping paint, the grip is quite pleasant and the hammerhead design is ideal for nailing head pops. This is a very useful and high-quality multi-tool. This one is stainless steel, which is preferable since most of the multi-tools that you see are not stainless steel and will quickly rust. The pointed edge will serve as a philips head screwdriver. Overall, this is a really useful gadget to have on hand.

Purdy 6-in-1

6-in-1 Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Blade
  • Purdy painter tool, 6-in-1, series: 900215, 1 in blade Width, high Carbon steel blade
  • These are complete line of heavy-duty shop machines that will bring you years of reliable performance
  • For straight run applications
  • Package dimensions:17.0″L x 7.75″W x 12.0″H

This product surprised me; it performs exceptionally well if you have only one layer (two coats) of flaky, fragile paint. That’s when it shines. With this, I was able to quickly remove paint down to the wood on most of my siding. This tool will & has saved me hours as I scrape & repaint windows and trim. I am able to get down to the bare wood on most of my siding with two passes. 

It does what it says! It’s lightweight enough that you won’t work up a sweat doing trim, but sturdy enough that you’re going to get your money’s worth out of it.. I did a lot of research before buying this tool and am pleased with its results.

The Purdy brand in general is considered a premium line of painting tools so expect to pay a little more compared to similar painter’s tools. 

Toughest Tools 6-in-1

Bates- Paint Scraper, Taping knife, Pack of 2 Putty Knife Scraper, Scraper, 5 in 1 tools, Spackle Knife, Caulk Removal Tool, Painters Tool, Paint Can Opener, Paint Remover for Wood, Wallpaper Scraper
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Paint Scrapers that get the job done with a superior finish. Makes repair and refinishing jobs quick and easy
  • ONE TOOL WITH MULTIPLE USES: Tools can be used as a paint scraper, screwdriver, paint can opener, hammer, crown molding remover, putty knife, box opener & more. One scraper blade replaces multiple hand tools in your toolbox.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Straight-ground blades for flexibility and carbon steel blades, hardened for durability. Rust-resistant steel blade
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: Soft grip designed to last for long jobs without discomfort to your hands
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: No worries here, if something happens to your set, return them, and get a brand new set!

I love these multi use tools. They just come in so handy. I found these on Amazon and bought the three pack, so I can always find one when I misplace the others. Another budget option, these do what they say and have lasted through several large demo jobs. I like them because they are cheap and if I bend the blade or loose them it’s no big deal. I tend to be much harder on cheap tools since I think of them as disposable, but these do stand up to some heavy abuse.

Amazon Basics 6-in-1

Amazon Basics 6-IN-1 Nylon Handle Painters Tool with Hammer End, 3″, one pack
  • Multi-purpose versatility: can be used for scraping, chiseling, opening cracks and paint cans, cleaning rollers, and/or spreading spackle and adhesive
  • 3-inch stiff blade: made of taper-ground, mirror-polished carbon steel for reliable strength
  • Nylon handle: classic style provides a sturdy hold and a professional look and feel
  • Hammer: die-cast hammer end of the handle can be used to set nails in drywall or drive in loose or extended nails
  • Durable construction: consists of 60% carbon steel and 40% nylon;

Over the last several years I have come to trust the Amazon Basics brand name. It’s funny because as much as I wish I could not shop on Amazon it really is just too convenient. Same goes for their brand name stuff. I am sure it’s just another manufacturer’s product rebranded for Amazon, but they are usually priced very aggressively. So, with this painters multitool you get a no frills solid tool. Like the others it handles all the basic functions of scraping, prying, cleaning and opening cans with ease. Definitely on the lighter weight side so I don’t think it will handle super hard use and I didn’t use it for anything more than the basics. 

Chili Tools 5-in-1: Our Pick For The Best 5 in 1

CHILI Tools 2PC. 5 IN 1 Stainless Steel Paint Scraper With Wooden Handle Hammer End, Made In Taiwan
  • 👍 ONE TOOL WITH MULTI USES: Functions as a paint scraper, screwdriver, paint can opener, hammer, crown molding remover, putty knife, box opener, rust stain remover , spreader, roller cleaner & more. One scraper blade replaces multiple hand tools in your toolbox.
  • 👍 JAPANESE STAINLESS STEEL 420J2 BLADE: 1.5mm thick premium quality Japanese stainless steel durable hardened & tempered blade with a mirrored-polished finish that resists rust and performs perfect after job.
  • 👍 STURDY HAMMER END: Zinc alloy hammer end can be used to set nails or close paint can lids.
  • 👍 COMFORTABLE, DURABLE WOODEN SOFT GRIP HANDLE for Long Job: 1.5mm thickness full tang blade with rose wooden handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue for long job.
  • 👍 CHILI Tools are designed for maximum safety and dependability, makes repair and refinishing jobs quick and easy.

The guy above is a multi-purpose tool. He can be used to scrape paint, remove screws, pop open paint cans, break up crown molding, and even clear rust stains. He’s also a screwdriver, can opener, hammer, crown molding remover, putty knife, box opener (among other things). He’s also made from Japanese 420J2  stainless steel.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest 5-in-1 tool I’ve ever used. I’ve always found a 5 in 1 to be beneficial outside of its basic paint functions as a full-time carpenter. This 5-in-1 knife is absolutely ideal. It’s stainless, which worried me because stainless is a more malleable metal, but it’s as solid as a rock. It’s also extremely durable, so keep an eye on it. This tool is designed to take a beating.

I use painters tools to dig and scrape at the beach sand, so they get hard use in a marine environment. It’s the first one I’ve owned that doesn’t rust. Wow! The hardwood handle is also nice; I treated it with a few applications of mineral oil for extra protection.

Hyde Heavy Duty 5-in-1

HYDE 07975 Painting Tool
  • 2-1/2″ stiff heavy duty high carbon steel scraper
  • Putty remover
  • Half round cut-out cleans paint rollers
  • Item Package Dimensions: 18.0″ L x 18.0″ W x 21.0″ H

So the 5-in-1 painters tool is the most common version and most useful in my opinion. Hyde really steps it up here with the overall build. It does all the basics in a harder use package. The wood handle is a nice old school touch.

This particular one has a full tang blade and a laminated hardwood handle. The high carbon steel blade was individually ground, polished, and clear coated. The handles are attached to the blade with brass rivets and grommets.

A note about all these manufactures saying “made from high carbon steel”, that doesn’t really mean anything unless they mention the actual steel type, like 1095, etc. All of these tools will take a fair amount of abuse.

Everyone Needs A Good Painter’s Multitool 

The usefulness of a painter’s tool goes well beyond just painting. These tools come in handy for a variety of tasks and are a good option to keep in a glove box, tool box or even on a boat or trailer. I think they make perfect tools that don’t attract a lot of attention.

My oldest son recently got engaged and we were hosting a big party at our house. You know what that means….cleaning and painting! That was the inspiration for this article, I myself just went through patching walls, scraping loose paint, opening cans and cleaning rollers. The funniest thing was I never used a painters multitool before to clean a roller. I just threw them out and never thought about it again. This is where a painter’s tool really comes in handy.

On top of being a great tool for painting, a 5-in-1 or 8-in-1 painter’s tool also makes a great self defense weapon and one that stays under the radar. I never realized just how sharp the blades are on these things.

For this article, we enlisted a few helpers. Besides doing my own project of repainting the kitchen trim and fixing the sheetrock where my kids put their foot through it, we got in touch with a few folks who were doing their own DIY projects.

Let’s look at what a painter’s tool is.

You most likely have seen them at your last visit to Home Depot or hardware store right next to all the scrapers and putty knives. A painter’s tool is designed for assisting in a painting project to pry open a can, scrape off paint, clean a paint roller and so much more. A painters multitool can also be used to scrape excess caulk and clean brushes without damaging the bristles.

What Can You Do With A Painter’s Tool:

-Hammer a paint lid back on with the handle.
-Unscrew wall plate switches with the flat end.
-Scrap paint on curved moldings.
-Spread spackle and putty.
-Open a paint can.
-Clean a paint roller.
-Use it as a bottle opener.
-Pull nails.
-Use it as a pry tool.
-Light demolition work.
-Use it to protect surfaces when cutting materials.

Just browsing the hardware aisle or internet it can be confusing at which painters tool to buy. Do I need a 4-in-1, do I need a 7-in-1? Should I buy an all metal or do I want a rubber handle? All of these choices will factor into how long it will last and what you can accomplish with it.

In my opinion any tool that has more than 5 or 7 functions is just advertising or a novelty. I tried to use a painter’s tool to unscrew a nut and it was very difficult. How the heck can one of these scrapers really do 14 things? Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from trying them out in different scenarios.