EDC & Survival Buying Guide #019 | The Tools of the Trade

These Buying Guides are a chance to give a quick overview of the gear we are using and carrying right now. I take one of my Instagram #flatlays or other pictures and list out what is in the group.

I’m no guru or master craftsman, just a regular enthusiast who loves spending time in the great outdoors and appreciates the value of good, sturdy equipment.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite items, each with a brief explanation of why they’ve earned a special place in my adventures and daily life. From trusty knives to indispensable tools, these are the pieces that have stood up to all the challenges I’ve thrown at them.

Benchmade Griptilian

The Reliable Companion
I’ve had my Benchmade Griptilian for years, and it’s like an old friend – always there when I need it. The blade is incredibly sharp and durable, handling everything from slicing rope to whittling wood. Its ergonomic handle fits snugly in my hand, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. I’m no expert, but in my experience, this knife is a solid, dependable choice for any outdoor adventure.

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Condor Blue River Machete

The Trailblazer’s Choice
The Condor Blue River Machete isn’t just a tool; it’s a trailblazer’s dream. It’s been with me through thick and thin, literally. The long, sturdy blade makes short work of dense brush and undergrowth. I’m not one to brag, but this machete has a balance and heft to it that makes it feel like an extension of my arm. It’s tough, reliable, and has never let me down.

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Victorinox Alox Cadet

The Pocket-Sized Lifesaver
I carry my Victorinox Alox Cadet everywhere, and it’s more than just a pocket knife. It’s a compact toolkit that’s come in handy more times than I can count. From tightening screws to opening bottles, this little guy does it all. I’m no knife aficionado, but the quality and functionality of this Swiss Army knife are something I always rely on.

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Olight Warrior II Flashlight

The Beacon in the Dark
The Olight Warrior II has been my go-to flashlight for night treks and camping. Its powerful beam turns night into day, and the rugged design has survived more drops and knocks than I care to admit. I’m not a flashlight expert, but the battery life and durability of this light have never failed me when I needed it most.

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Axwell Titanium Slim Wallet

The Minimalist’s Dream
I switched to the Axwell Titanium Slim Wallet a while back, and it’s been a game-changer. It’s sleek, lightweight, and holds everything I need without the bulk. I’m no fashion guru, but the durability and design of this wallet have impressed me. It’s survived rain, mud, and the occasional accidental wash cycle, emerging unscathed every time.

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Gerber Armbar Drive

The Handy All-Rounder
The Gerber Armbar Drive is like a mini toolbox in my pocket. Its array of tools, including a screwdriver and knife, have been indispensable on my outdoor excursions. I’m just a regular guy who likes practical gear, and this multi-tool fits the bill perfectly – it’s compact, versatile, and tough as nails.

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Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Dive Watch

The Trustworthy Timekeeper
My Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Dive Watch isn’t just for show – it’s a rugged, reliable timepiece that’s been through some rough conditions with me. Its readability underwater and durability make it ideal for both diving and everyday wear. I’m no watch expert, but this watch has been a constant and reliable companion on all my adventures.

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Gerber Prybrid

The Compact Powerhouse
The Gerber Prybrid is a small tool, but don’t let its size fool you. It’s a powerhouse when it comes to prying, cutting, and general utility tasks. I’ve used it for everything from opening packages to cutting cord. I’m just a guy who appreciates good tools, and this one has exceeded my expectations in both functionality and durability.

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Exotac NanoStriker

The Fire Starter Extraordinaire
Starting a fire has never been easier since I got my Exotac NanoStriker. Its compact size belies its effectiveness. I’ve sparked fires in wet, windy conditions where other methods failed. I’m no survival expert, but this striker has been a reliable fire-starting tool in various challenging environments.

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Exotac fireSLEEVE Waterproof Floating Lighter Case

The Ultimate Lighter Protection
The Exotac fireSLEEVE has been a lifesaver for keeping my lighter dry and functional, no matter the weather. It’s simple but effective, floating and waterproof, ensuring I always have a working lighter. I’m just someone who likes practical solutions, and this lighter case has proven to be an essential part of my kit.

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I hope you’ve found some inspiration or, at the very least, enjoyed reading about these trusty companions of mine. Remember, the best gear is the one that suits your needs and stands the test of time – and for me, these items have done just that. Whether you’re an experienced outdoorsman or just starting your adventure, never underestimate the value of reliable gear.