Hemsut Quick Release Watch Bands

Hemsut Quick Release Watch Bands

Part of the fun of being into watches is swapping out straps and bracelets. I’ve gone through several phases where I only wanted to wear a nato strap or, most recently, I’ve been on a bracelet kick. But one thing I always love is a good-looking quick release strap. I even use quick release spring bars with my nato straps to make swapping out bands easier.

If you’re not familiar with quick release spring bars, they’re just like the traditional spring bar, but have a tiny lever built into them that makes it easy to retract the spring without any tools. If you like to wear the same watch with multiple straps, these little quick release pins are a game changer.

Over the last few years, there have been several companies to come out with straps in all types of materials with quick release spring bars built right into the end of the strap. It couldn’t be easier to swap your watch bands with these tool-less options. Sometimes, even with a great spring bar tool, swapping straps can be a pain. Other times, it’s nice to not have to make changing out your straps such a big production.

I had the chance to check out some straps from Hemsut recently and see some of their new quick release nylon bands. Hemsut offers a ton of different straps and even has several options for smart watches. The ones I got a chance to use were their two-piece, nato-style straps.

What struck me right away was the heavy duty construction and attention to details. Straps are definitely a popular aftermarket accessory and if you have explored the options out there, you will find that many straps are junk. It’s great to see a company offer a nice, well-made strap at a fair price. It’s almost overwhelming trying to find a good aftermarket watch band. A quick search on Amazon brings back hundreds of options. The challenge is to find a good one and I think Hemsut has a product that stands out in a crowded field.

The straps are constructed from ballistic nylon and have a tight weave to them. In addition to the higher-quality nylon, the strap is put together with double stitching throughout. The tongue, or extra strap (everyone refers to this differently), is heat-treated to prevent any fraying of the edge; that’s a nice touch.

Moving on to the hardware, you can see that Hemsut kicked it up a notch compared to many companies. The buckle and stainless keepers are solid and have a heavier feel to them, giving the whole strap a very reliable feel. All the hardware has a brushed finish and the buckle is signed.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this style is the nylon keeper. In addition to two stainless steel loops, there is a nylon keeper at the end that allows you to tuck in the extra strap; it keeps the excess snuggly held in place and with a low profile. Really, you get the best of both worlds here: the look of a rugged nato strap with the convenience to tuck the excess into a slim holder.

Depending on what you are looking for, Hemsut offers a heavy-duty and reliable strap option that’s perfect on a field watch or something to change up the look of your diver. If you are looking for something rugged, then you won’t be disappointed.

I have multiple quick release straps from several manufacturers and one thing I’ve noticed on all of them is the lever for the quick release pins can sometimes not protrude enough from the strap material to be activated. The Hemsut has this issue a little too, but not nearly as bad as I have seen on others.

The strap also comes with a spring bar tool to aid in the removal of your current strap and it also comes with an extra set of quick release spring bars. I thought this was a really nice addition to the package since to me, once you start using quick release spring bars, you will never want to go back to the traditional style.

All in all, the Hemsut two-piece strap is an impressive watch band. If durability and quality construction are your requirement, then these guys are for you. You definitely get more for money here. The current retail for these two piece nylon straps are $14.99 and you can purchase them on the Hemsut website or here on Amazon.

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